The subtle art of divination applied to public order

You can always erase the past: it’s a matter of regret, of disavowal, of forgetting. But we do not avoid the future »
Oscar Wilde

The objective, especially during the holidays, is to write a little more “light”, while continuing, with rigor, to be of service. It is therefore without seeking the slightest originality that the drafting of remains on deck, even as the turkey with chestnuts whispers in the oven.

From chestnut to turkey

Turkey with chestnuts? So journalistic “chestnut tree”! The exercise consists in combining information and service. And therefore to watch, even in New Year’s Eve, on “our” Official newspaper, to prepare you for a smooth return to the controls. Except that, and it’s as traditional as the chestnut capon, the Official newspaper of the confectioners’ truce is particularly suffocating, even indigestible. We will still deliver the most beautiful pieces to you (the selected pieces, “public order” of course) from Monday morning.

And then, as we must also try to project ourselves a little, we are going to list for you the texts which will come into force from 1er January 2022. But we will have to be patient, and wait for “the last moment”: “our” legislator and especially the General Secretariat of the Government have a very unfortunate tendency not to plan. And seem to remember only on December 30 or 31 that certain texts must be published “within the year”, or even enter into force on 1er january. The texts settle and pile up in the latest publications of the Official newspaper
So, yes, you will have to wait until Monday morning to taste the 2021 vintage of this nectar that is the Official Journal of the end of the year…

So much, in so little time

In the meantime, to fill the impatience, we can indulge in the exercise of retrospective. Why, on this last day of 2021, not answer the quiz concocted for you, and with tenderness, The opportunity to dive back into the news of the past three months (API Quiz: public procurement is celebrated on this New Year’s Eve). We can try to encourage you to do so, “on the sly”, just to see if, decidedly, the “Nudge” is likely to flourish in public procurement (read “Nudge: the public buyer, an unwitting mentalist? “).

Beyond the game, with this quiz, we realize the wealth of public order news in just a few months…

Failing reliability index

And then as we like to anticipate a little, we will embark on divination. Trying to lay the groundwork for what awaits the public buyer in 2022. Ouch!

Ouch!, because legislative and regulatory divination is a very particular “art” which borders on the waterfall… without a net. Add to this that 2022 is an election year, and there the exercise becomes incompatible with logic. An election year is the year when the Government wants to “complete” its program (“pull the chestnuts out of the fire”: we come back to it!) and be able to put forward its “quinquennium laws”. Egalim law (read “EGalim law: it is now that it is played!”), Agec law, Climate and resilience law… He has plenty to do!

As moved by a mad hope, we rush on Legifrancewhich offers a timetable for implementing the Climate and Resilience Act.
What a desappointment ! How to disregard, not only the number of application texts provided, but also the reliability index of the dates provided. They oscillate between Planned publication ” and ” Possible publication envisaged “.

Come on, we’ll do our best, determined not to be satisfied with tarot cards, crystal balls, runes, coffee grounds, the flight of birds (we won’t go so far as to read fish entrails! ) to try to see a little further…

We wish you all a great New Year’s Eve!

We would like to give thanks to the author of this short article for this remarkable material

The subtle art of divination applied to public order

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