The 6 Nintendo Switch games of the week not to be missed

Game News The 6 Nintendo Switch games of the week not to be missed

Like every week, the Nintendo Switch welcomes so many new features that it is better to find out before getting lost in its catalog. Fortunately, JV is there, with its weekly selection. So on the program this time: divination, action, and infiltration! Ready to find your new favorite game?


Want an original short story to get your teeth into? well Divination could be for you! In this visual novel with careful artistic direction, you embody a fortune teller in a futuristic world. The characters of this universe, plagued by doubts, violence and obsession, turn to you as their very last hope. “Speak and listen to people’s stories, then predict their future using the runes they have drawn. The result of your divination will stir the fate of humans and robots” tells us the game’s Steam page. On the program, a short lifespan with four different customers to question, many endings and a soundtrack that is worth seeing. If you don’t have much time to play at the moment then, this experience is probably for you.

  • Release date : May 18, 2022

Regular Factory Escape Room

No problem, you probably know the principle of the Escape Game, these games on a human scale where you have to escape from a room full of puzzles. But have you ever tried the experience in an assembly line? Well that’s what you propose Regular Factory Escape Room, which is about to be released on Nintendo Switch. As usual on the genre, you will have to solve puzzles and crack codes in order to advance always further (the ideal was of course to finish the game). So it’s easy as pie, at least in theory. Some puzzles will require a lot of logic, knowing that everything can take place on several rooms with even hidden objects at the key. And there’s also a bigger mystery: what is the purpose of this bizarre factory? You will have to discover it in Regular Factory Escape Room.

  • Release date : May 18, 2022


Do you think Regular Factory is original? You have not seen anything yet ! Deadcraftfor its part, asks you to plant zombies to defend yourself. Yes yes, you read that right. Because in a post-apocalyptic world where the undead are the norm, you will need manpower to survive. And this is not the only management component that Deadcraft offers. It will also be possible to “unearth materials to create all kinds of weapons, tools or even to concoct post-apocalyptic cooking recipes” tells us the game’s Steam page. You will also have to monitor your own health, with water and food and leverage your main character’s skills to smash some more zombies. All with a realization that seems quite neat. All in all, a title that looks promising.

  • Release date : May 19, 2022

There Will Be No Turkey This Christmas

We continue our selection of funny games (even if it was not necessarily the goal at the base) with There Will Be No Turkey This Christmas, an infiltration-oriented game where you will have to escape from the Silva family. Why this ? Because you are the Christmas turkey and these evil humans want to roast you, of course! Yeah, I know one who doesn’t want to be the turkey of the joke. The family has seven members, which makes seven pairs of eyes to hide from. Luckily, your animal has found a barrel as a dress, which can hide at will as soon as there is agitation. The idea will therefore be to find the keys to open the end of the level without being seen. Speaking of levels, There Will Be No Turkey This Christmas has about 30 of them. Pretty good by a bird of doom. An unpretentious stealth game that seems quite successful.

  • Release date : May 19, 2022

Cotton Fantasy

If you like side-scrolling shoot’em ups, you probably know the Cotton license, which features witches against a bunch of demons. Well the series is coming back to Nintendo Switch very soon, with Cotton Fantasy. As you will have understood, you will therefore be in charge of young girls with magical powers in search of “Willows”, delicious candies. “Something sinister is brewing, the Willows are evaporating from the wonderful world” tells us the project page, on the Nintendo site. “With the promise of being able to devour as much as she wants, the witch agrees to help her old friend and the companions embark together on this new adventure”. For the occasion, you will even have six playable characters, each offering their own characteristics and attacks. It’s fun and dynamic!

  • Release date: May 20, 2022

PigShip and the Giant Wolf

We finally end with PigShip and the Giant Wolfa game in the vein of Cotton Fantasy either a side-scrolling shoot’em up. The title, which seems less sassy than the one we just mentioned, has for it a colorful artistic direction and a funny scenario, where you play as a little pig who must save his brothers from the “Wolf Army”. The icing on the cake: there is a mode to compare your score online (that of your friends as well as that of players around the world) and a leveling system. So we imagine an evolution in terms of gameplay, with weapons unlocked as you go, etc. PigShip and the Giant Wolf would also have “gigantic final bosses” and “splendid pixel art” on its side. We only ask to be pleasantly surprised, after all! The release will soon be on Nintendo Switch.

  • Release date : May 20, 2022

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The 6 Nintendo Switch games of the week not to be missed

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