Photographing voodoo: Catherine De Clippel Center de la photographie de Mougins, 5 November 2022, Mougins.

Photographing voodoo: Catherine De Clippel November 5, 2022 – February 4, 2023 Mougins Photography Center
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Photographing voodoo: Catherine De Clippel

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Photographing voodoo

Too easily associated with bewitched living dead, abused dolls and black magic – we still see it in popular series like American Horror Story – voodoo is a current belief far removed from the fabrications that surround it. In West Africa, the photographer, director and producer Catherine De Clippel (born in 1940 in Aalst, Belgium) met the followers of this animist religion. She brings back images that are at the frontier of ethnographic document, documentary photography and aesthetics thanks to an experience that translates a sincere openness to others.

By using photography to immortalize voodoo objects and by knowingly choosing video to observe the rituals, Catherine De Clippel questions the languages ​​specific to still and animated images. The Center de la photographie de Mougins is devoting a monograph to him that combines large prints on rice paper and an unprecedented videographic installation. A scenographic desire that goes beyond the simple exhibition of photographs to affirm that a documentary practice can produce real artistic objects.

Installation emptiedoh : The Gods-Objects

Togo, 1989, 51 min, 16 mm, color
Directed by: Jean-Paul Colleyn and Catherine De Clippel
Scientific Council: Marc Augé and Jean-Pierre Dozon
Production: Acmé films, RTBF, La Sept, ORSTOM, with the support of RTSR and FR3
Videographic creation on papers suspended in polyvision: Jean Michel Sanchez (on-situ)

In a village on the Togolese coast, the healer priest Sewavi lives with his voodoo. His sanctuary is populated by these “god-objects” which he consults to cure ailments, cure or find remedies through divination. The voodoo are very present in the daily life of the villagers.

Catherine De Clippel

Catherine De Clippel is a photographer, director and producer of documentaries, particularly on West Africa. She has exhibited her photographs in France and abroad and published several books in collaboration with museums.

Office: Francois Cheval and Yasmine Chemali
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© Catherine De Clippel, Vodou Djagli, Filming of the film “The Gods-Objects”, 1989, Séko, Togo