Medium game: how to read your future in the dominoes

What if you found out what the future holds for you by reading in the domino pieces? Original, fun and accessible to all, Jean-Didier explains clairvoyance in dominoes, ideal in times of confinement!

Dominoes are a board game consisting of 28 two-sided pieces. Each part contains a number of points and can be combined with a part of another domino. This board game has been hijacked as a divinatory support. Here’s how to use it to discover your future:

Lay out the 28 dominoes face down in front of you. Think strongly about your day and then draw a single domino. Whatever the method chosen, it is important not to draw more than three dominoes during a consultation, nor to draw the dominoes more than once a week, because the messages would risk losing their meaning.

Please note that unfortunately you cannot ask specific questions of the dominoes. Your draw will therefore only give you a sort of divinatory weather forecast for your day. But, it’s already a lot, so do it seriously while also respecting your divinatory support.

As with any divinatory support, it is good to dedicate your game solely to this function. If you want him to continue talking to you over time, then use your dominoes only for clairvoyance.

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Hidden meaning of dominoes

6/6: Success in money speculation, union and association.
You have the wind in your sails, today you can go for it and allow yourself everything.

6/5: Reward for those who continue their effort.
The future is in front of you, so now is not the time to falter, rather open your eyes.

6/4: Happy life, very good day.
The sun is shining above your head, you can afford everything and ask for everything, you will be listened to.

6/3: Excellent for love, fortune and happiness.
It is a day placed under the sign of love with a capital A, with the revelation of feelings from a close person.

6/2: Great luck in business.
It’s now or never to negotiate a raise or launch a new project, the stars are with you.

6/1: Very happy day.
Almost everything is allowed to you. So let go and take full advantage of these moments of happiness that are so rare.

6/0: Today, bad luck in business.
It’s time to know how to say no or know how to say stop. No reckless spending and no guesswork either.

5/5: Success in all your endeavors.
Everything works 5 out of 5, you’re in luck so know how to seize it. It’s time to embark on new adventures.

5/4: Bad day for business.
The days pass but are not alike, for once. Wait for better days to close deals.

5/3: Material comfort.
Fate is turning in your favor, you have the keys to success in your hands, it’s up to you to know how to take advantage of them.

5/2: Bad day for business and love.
Nothing is going well, it’s time to turn around and wait for better days. Watch out for disputes!

5/1: Full and happy social life, but not for the money.
On the social level, you have every chance of success on your side, but actually it will not be the same for the rest.

5/0: Beware of dishonest people.
You must be wary of those around you. Isn’t there someone trying to take advantage of you right now?

4/4: Day of success in all.
Not much to say, everything will fall to you all cooked from the sky. Take the opportunity to sign contracts or set up new projects.

4/3: Association, happiness and success.
Winning combination, it could give you ideas to play games of chance…

4/2: Day of great change.
It’s time to turn the page and make a clean sweep of your past. Long live the change and long live the future.

4/1: Prosperity.
You are lucky today, you can afford everything because everything will work systematically.

4/0: Restlessness and disappointment.
You risk getting a lot of wind for not much. The best will be to land while waiting for tomorrow. There are days, you have to know how to resign yourself.

3/3: Wealth to come, without finding happiness.
A particular day when luck can smile on you, but not in a blatant way. In short, small pleasures or winks of fate.

3/2: Today major purchase, speculation or travel.
It is a day to plan or order your trip and vacation. Just as you can make the decision to buy an apartment or a new car.

3/1: Warning, danger in all areas.
Today, the watchword is “Everyone to the shelters”. Do not look for arguments or fights, you will lose in advance.

3/0: Day with argument, unrequited friendship.
We take the same 3/1 and we start again. Except that in addition, today, there is no question of counting on your friends, they will all answer absent.

2/2: Success in business and in private life.
Success strongly marks this day, especially in the professional field or that of money. Unexpected income can come to embellish this day.

2/1: Happy associations for the day.
This is a day when you can count on everyone: friends, family, workmates, etc… You can even think of creating an association or a project with one of them.

2/0: Repeated troubles all day.
Sometimes they say it’s better to stay under the duvet. It’s a bit like the climate of this day or nothing will work for you. Tomorrow will be a better day …

1/1: Luck, success in love and business.
Luck will smile on you and since it does not strike just once a day, you will be able to take full advantage of it for 48 hours non-stop.

1/0: Success too fast, be careful.
Beware of things that happen too easily or too quickly. Remember this lesson, because it will apply to your day.

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Medium game: how to read your future in the dominoes

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