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It’s the weekend, it’s cold, go in search of warmth, emotions and culture at the theatre, at the museum, in the dark rooms thanks to our selection of events not to be missed in the coming days.

Friday, December 9

Give Christmas gifts, yes but responsibly! Meet at the MAIF Social Club

To help you spoil your loved ones, the MAIF Social Club offers to discover a Christmas market of a different kind, which brings together the creations of committed entrepreneurs for responsible gifts. For two days, come and meet the creators who carry out social projects and hear their convictions. Participate in many workshops to understand their concept. And on Saturday 10, enjoy the performances of the Compagnie du Singe Debout!

Christmas market at the MAIF Social Club

Live a wonderful moment with The Fall of the Angels to Roundabout Theater

A luminous tale, full of dark fantasy and cruel drollery, The Fall of the Angels is a rare and scintillating work in the current panorama of circus arts. It’s a joyful song of emancipation, a breath of fresh air, an escape into the light. In a cold world where machines tyrannize formatted beings, The Fall of the Angels summons fallen angels, stuck in the irony of the world. They aspire to rise in a cramped, metallic, mechanical environment. Nature has lost its rights, scorched soil under a gray sky. But the desire and the desire to live are stronger than anything.

This weekend in Paris… from December 9 to 11

© Georges Ridel

El Conde de Torrefiel presents their creation Una Imagen Interior, aplastic and philosophical work to be seen at La Villette

The Count of Torrefiel enchants the world with ever more innovative dramaturgies. Scheduled in the most prestigious festivals, the collective has become in a decade the essential spearhead of young Spanish creation.
Una Imagen Interior is a fundamental reflection on our relationship to reality, where fiction is taking up more and more space. Brilliantly interweaving performance, theatre, dance, visual art and literature, this work offers a singular dramaturgy: text, movement, sounds and materials collide, oppose each other and rush towards a real artistic Big Bang!

Saturday December 10

Need to post your letter to Santa Claus? Head to the Musée de La Poste for the new exhibition Play, Post!

Until May 14, 2023, the Postal Museum invites you to go through a century of history at the height of a child, when La Poste invited itself to school or home through educational boards, toys, board games, children’s books or ‘TV shows. With more than 250 pieces mostly from the museum’s collections and an immersive and playful scenography inspired by construction games, this new exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to discover an unknown socio-historical heritage, and to experience the emotion of a childhood journey. .

1670515765 554 This weekend in Paris… from December 9 to 11

For street art fans, don’t miss the first days of the exhibition Crazy bar Club from the artist Madame à la Artistik Rezo Gallery

“The most beautiful of stories is not necessarily the most sensational, the one we are given to see, but rather the one that plays out in the dark, and which, more than showing itself, is discovered over time, the love, patience or even alcohol…”
Madame deconstructs ancient iconography with various period materials to talk about today. Articulating her collage work between text and image, she constructs small formats in her studio, sorts of small scenes in volume, which she then transposes into large posters to display in the street. A journey from the intimate to the public which is reminiscent of the very essence of theatre.

1670515765 763 This weekend in Paris… from December 9 to 11

A movie theater ? The worst by Lise Akoka and Romane Gueret, winner of the Un Certain Regard Prize at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival

A filming will take place quoted Picasso, in Boulogne-Sur-Mer, in the north of France. During the casting, four teenagers, Lily, Ryan, Maylis and Jessy are chosen to play in the film. In the neighborhood, everyone is surprised: why did you only take “the worst”?

With Mallory Wanecque, Timéo Mahaut, Johan Heldenbergh, Loïc Pech and Mélina Vanderplancke

Sunday, December 11

On your way to the Champs-Élysées, stop at Two-tone – House of Denmark for the exhibition There Is No Such Thing as Bad Weather

The exhibition There Is No Such Thing as Bad Weather, explores the multiple ways of understanding the overwhelming reality of climate change. In this exhibition, the works by SUPERFLEX illustrate three different approaches to climate change: Technocentric, Anthropocentric, Ecocentric. These approaches partially defined the different eras of the practice of SUPERFLEX.
The exhibition offers a complex and prismatic vision of an insoluble problem while finding hope and energy in the multitude of possible answers.
Free and free entry from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

This weekend in Paris… from December 9 to 11

LE BAL sheds light on arte povera with the exhibition Flip his eyes

Deployed in two Parisian locations, the Jeu de Paume and PROMand co-produced with Triennale Milano, Flip his eyes explores the relationship that part of the Italian avant-gardes had, in the 1960s and early 1970s, with the mechanical image: photography, film and video. This exhibition shows the extraordinary richness of a period when Italian artists appropriated the narrative power of photography, video and film. From mirror paintings by Michelangelo Pistoletto to large photographs on canvas by Giulio Paolini or Giovanni Anselmo, photocopied works by Alighiero Boetti to photo booths by Franco Vaccari or performance videos by Luciano Giaccari, it provides an overview of the visual experiments of Italian avant-gardes of the period in the field of image.

1670515766 333 This weekend in Paris… from December 9 to 11

Discover the 19th edition of the festival Crossroads of animation cinema to Picture forum

A full week to celebrate the invigorating diversity of animation cinema by bringing together filmmakers, professionals, young talents and passionate audiences is not too much! Guests from all over the world accompany this eclectic program to bear witness to the major art that animation has become and its influence on our contemporary imaginations.
This Sunday at 6 p.m.attend the screening of the film Blind willows, sleeping woman in preview and in the presence of the director Pierre Foldes. Known for his work as a composer, Pierre Földes signs here a first feature film with hypnotizing graphics. An adaptation of six short stories by Japanese author Haruki Murakami.

To accompany this weekend in music…

It’s with Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra

A few weeks after the release of their single Right HereEmiliana Torrini & The Colorist Orchestra announce the release of their new album Racing The Stormwhich will be available on March 17 via Bella Union/[PIAS] ! To accompany this announcement, they unveil a new single titled Mikosthe opening title of the album, accompanied by a magnificent video filmed in black and white.

About the new single, Emiliana says: “When I’m moved by a new song, I immediately see a movie playing in my mind. While writing it I saw a girl in a school uniform, standing at the edge of a port, looking out into a turquoise sea at the body of a girl. She hears behind the mother of the girl who is looking for her. She turns to look and leaves without saying a word”.

What stands out most about the new album Racing the Storm, it is the strong link that unites the Italian singer to the Belgian collective. Kobe and Aarich of The Colorist Orchestra are quick to point out that, while Racing the Storm is indeed a collaborative work, Emiliana took on the lead role and that her lyrics and vocal performance are inherent to the sound of the album. Although coming from somewhat different backgrounds – Emiliana enjoyed chart success while being classically trained in opera; Kobe was raised in the Belgian countryside before taking his universe and his classical studies to Cuba and Aarich is a genuine self-taught drummer – it’s as if the three of them have found a special common space, where the rules of the outside world do not just didn’t apply.

Find them in concert on the stage of the Trabendo March 27, 20223

Artistik Rezo wishes you a good weekend!

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This weekend in Paris… from December 9 to 11 – Artistikrezo

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