Best bows in Destiny 2

When it comes to stealth and speed, the bow is the optimal and ultimate weapon. Attack your enemies with a piercing blow that is executed silently and secretly! Without a doubt, this tactic comes in extremely handy in Destiny 2, so let’s take a look at some of the best arcs in the game.

Accumulated redemption

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As far as base game weapons go, this bow is still pretty powerful.

It’s easy to strengthen this arc and add perks to it, and this was one of the first arcs to allow this. You can use Rapid Hit, Explosive Hit, or Rampage which are all fantastic perks – and if you need a little extra boost with them, Archer’s Tempo is an added perk that will make this bow even better.

It’s no longer the newest of the arcs, of course, but it’s still worth grabbing if you can handle it. Although newer bows offer different and better specs and perks, it’s still a good choice for your inventory if you find yourself in a bind or need a quick and stealthy fix.

In order to get the accumulated Redemption, you will need to get it through a random Legendary Engram drop.

tyranny of heaven

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Farming can be expensive for a player, but luckily this arc is quite easy to pick up.

Sky Tyranny has a light frame, good perk options as well as a rapid fire bow. Similar to the previous entry, it’s not as high spec as more recent and modern bow archetypes, but it’s still a handy thing to have once you get your hands on it.

It was introduced in the Last Wish Raid, so it’s been around for a while now, and while the perk pool is slightly more limited, the perks it contains are extremely useful, such as Dragonfly, Explosive Head, and Rampage . Its best uses are in PvE and Gambit.

To get Tyranny of Heaven, you’ll need to complete any major encounter in the Last Wish Raid, and it can then be obtained from a random drop.

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The monarch

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The Monarque is a great place for AOE (area of ​​effect).

If you want explosive abilities and precision shots, this bow is for you. Its AOE impact means that enemies within a certain radius will be affected by whatever the arc does, which in this case is Poison Damage! Bow is also quite high in accuracy and impact stats, so one or two ground shots are more common.

However, this particular bow doesn’t have hipfire, so if that ability is important to your playstyle, you might feel like you’re missing something when using Le Monarque. It’s still a fantastic bow with its base abilities and still worth picking up.

It is useful in both PvP and PvE situations.

To get Le Monrque, you’ll need to buy it through Xur when possible, or get it through a random Exotic Engram drop.

Trinity Ghoul

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Are you one of those players who likes their weapons to chain and produce lightning? Well, this bow is one to add to your arsenal. With any Arc-based kill, the Lightning Rod perk is activated so it has a flashy execution (pardon the pun!) You’ll need to earn the Exotic Catalyst before you can use this perk, but once you have it, you will see how practical it is.

In order to make this arc the best it can be, you’ll want to choose an Arc subclass, as this will allow lightning to continue rolling when activated. This technique is very useful when dealing with the Crucible. You may have considered other subclasses, but if you want to become a Rainbow, this is your best course of action!

Immense lightning attacks are great for both PvE and PvP situations.

To get Trinity Ghoul, you can either buy it from Xur or get it from difficult random encounters.

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Ticuu’s divination

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This exotic bow is undoubtedly the best in the game right now.

Ticuu’s Divination is a three-hit solar arc that is capable of taking out multiple enemies at once. It’s a very accurate weapon that also allows for hip-firing which some other bows on this list don’t have. When firing from the hip, you can track three enemies at once, and once you aim down sights, all three shots will be fired together.

Not to mention that when the three marked enemies are finally shot, they explode once hit! On top of that, you can also choose to apply precision fire which allows detonation to happen sooner, meaning you can have continuous explosions when shooting enemies.

If you earn the Catalyst, Warmind Cells will become available and you can also spawn them in addition to everything else. It’s not the fastest perk to achieve and requires a lot of PvP action, but if you’re a PvP player it will be worth it for you.

It is mostly useful in PvE and Gambit situations.

In order to obtain Ticuu’s Divination, you will need to obtain the Season of the Chosen One Season Pass.

Weapons in the game evolve all the time, and with new weapon drops and designs, there’s likely to be an even better arc at some point in the future. However, for now, this will be more than enough for your stealth needs! With more Exotic drops, the effectiveness and number of hip fire weapons will most likely increase, so always be on the lookout!

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Best bows in Destiny 2

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