How to read the lines of the hand?

Divinatory arts are numerous and often practiced for centuries. There is the divinatory tarot, the oracles, the runes, the reading of coffee grounds or… palmistry. This technique involves predicting the future based on hand lines. Here are the basics to start the easy palmistry.

On which hand to read the lines?

There are several schools. Traditionally, many are content to practice palmistry on the left hand. But to have a more global vision of your life, it is better to use both. Many believe that the left hand would represent the abilities and baggage with which you begin your life, and the right hand your possibilities and your future.

Palmistry, which focuses on the lines of the hand, has evolved over time giving rise to palmistry: the complete study of the hand. There are a whole host of other criteria to take into account: the texture of the skin, its temperature, the shape of the nails, the length of the fingers…

For starters: you can observe the shape of your hands. The palm is square and your fingers are short: it is an earth hand, which makes you someone loyal, clinging to your possessions and loving simplicity. If your hand is thin with long fingers, it’s an air hand. You therefore have a fine and analytical mind with a strong appetite for all intellectual activities. Fleshy, rectangular hands represent a fiery temper. You probably have a lot of vitality and can’t imagine life without passion! Finally, long and bony hands are associated with the sign of water: you are above all in emotion and feeling, in short, a very sensitive person!

Know the lines of the hand

If you have questions about your future, several divination methods can help you. It all depends on your needs. If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, head to the tarot reading, which allows you to give details about your future. If, on the other hand, you are looking to have a global vision of your future, palmistry can be quite suitable.

Regarding the lines of the hand, there are three main ones to observe. The bottom line is lifeline. Do not panic if it is short: it does not mean that your life will be too. If this line is clear and fine, you benefit from a beautiful energy on a daily basis. If your life line forms a wide arc: you are passionate and have great athletic potential.

The middle line is the head line which informs about the type of personality and the way of thinking. If your line is long and not very marked, it is the sign of a hesitant or withdrawn personality. A short and completely straight line is the sign, on the contrary, of a very pragmatic and absolutely not dreamy personality.

Finally the bottom line is the heart line. If it is long, it is a sign of a passionate personality with a lot of ardor. If, on the contrary, it is short, it will rather be a question of a shy and reserved attitude.

Finally, if you want more details on the study of the lines of the hand, you will find what you are looking for in the many books devoted to palmistry.

We bet that now the first thing you will do when meeting someone is to observe their hands…

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How to read the lines of the hand?

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