Benin: Talon asks Macron for the ”god Ogou” and the tablet of the fâ

After signing the deed of transfer of ownership of the 26 royal treasures of Abomey this Tuesday, November 09, 2021 at the Elysée in Francethe President of the Republic of BeninPatrice Talonhas in his intervention, seized the opportunity offered to him to claim the work of the ‘‘God Ogou’. He expressed this request in the presence of the President of the French Republic, Emanuel Macron. The work of the “god Ogou” has become an absolute priority for the Beninese authorities. They want to recover it so that this work of ”god Ogou” returns to the real environment in which it should be.

The President of the Republic of Benin, Patrice Talon, addressing the French President, Emmanuel Macron said that the return of the 26 works is only a first step in a process which must be global in the months and years. coming. For him, “It is regrettable that this act of restitution, however appreciable, is not sufficient to give us complete satisfaction.” For him, his “enthusiasm “ cannot be total while the “Ogou god, emblematic work representing the god of metals and forging, the fâ tablet, mythical work of divination by the famous diviner ”Guèdègbé” and many others continue to be held here in France to the great displeasure of their real place.” For President Patrice Talon, “the hope of their return to the country is now possible thanks to” President Macron. “Why are we not going to congratulate, frankly, for this very first episode while waiting to meet again soon for the sequel” he let know. He answered in his terms “I have no doubt.”

Macron’s response to Talon

French President Emmanuel Macron responded subtly to the grievances voiced by Beninese President Patrice Talon. For the French President, “A new page is opening for these works but also for the partnership between France and Benin.” Did he say that with President Talon they have “mentioned many other areas of this cooperation between” the two countries. He rejoices today that “of this step” that they cross together because President Patrice Talon has “had the courage to ask and ask again” which is due to Benign because “many have had the courage to light this path.” “Beyond this restitution, we will continue the work undertaken since 2017” he asserted. For him, “Today’s gesture is the possibility for Beninese youth, African youth to find the works of their history and their heritage.”

It should be remembered that during his intervention the Wednesday October 27, 2021 on Rfi, the Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts, Jean-Michel Abimbola affirmed that Benin claims from France the sculpture of the ”God Ogou”. He said this: “we claimed this iconic piece. We continue to discuss with the French part and we do not despair that we will find in the next months, in the next years by only for the ” Ogou god ” including for other parts.

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Benin: Talon asks Macron for the ”god Ogou” and the tablet of the fâ

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