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If a person practicing divination can bear the name of oracle, it is not rare that certain supports used to predict the future and find answers to questions also bear the same name. This is the case of the cards commonly called “Oracle cards”. These cards have various illustrations depending on their theme and their creator. They are used for various purposes and clearly differ from tarot. What are they for ? How to recognize them? How to choose them? And how to draw these divinatory oracles?

Usefulness of divinatory oracles

Divinatory oracles are used in particular to shed light on questions affecting all aspects of life: love, work, success, money, relationship, health, family, evolution… These cards are not the prerogative of clairvoyants. They represent powerful guidance tools accessible to everyone. Some are intended for prediction purposes while others are intended to support and guide users in their thinking and to elucidate their doubts. Still others are personal development tools.

The oracles are particularly recommended for people suffering from anxiety and for those who have blockages in relation to certain events. These cards bring you food for thought to broaden your visionhighlighting hidden things and overcoming difficult life situations.

Those intended for prediction enlighten you on future events to help you know what posture to adopt to protect yourself or take advantage of situations. They also allow you to make the decisions that are most beneficial to you.

Note, however, that divinatory oracles are not intended to provide absolute truths. They guide you, help you get answers and make decisions. Avoid living according to predictions. Instead try to analyze them and make the most of them while keeping in mind that you keep your free will.

Divinatory oracles, tarot and cartomancy

Terms such as the “Tarot de Marseille”, “oracles” and “cartomancy” may raise questions regarding their differences and similarities. If the first two are quite distinct because of their composition and structure, cartomancy represents what binds them.

The latter can be broken down into “carto” which means “Map” and “mancie” which means divination. It simply translates divination by cards. As a result, it encompasses the divinatory arts which are based on cards, including oracles and tarot.

These latter represent cards for cartomancy developed around several themes (chakras, moon, women, animals, love, etc.) and carry varied and colorful illustrations according to the style of their creator or designer. These designs can be abstract or revealing about their meaning of the cards in question.

The difference between tarot and divinatory oracles

The tarot is a divinatory art and specifically a form of fortune-telling, the purpose of which is in particular to predict and answer questions. Its cards follow a well-defined structure and are composed of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. These provide information on daily events (encounters, sorrows, joys, etc.) and the 16 types of tarot personalities. As for the major mysteries, they convey messages about life as a whole. They also talk about the life path and the main directions to take.

If some say that the tarot is an oracle because of its predictive side, all practitioners agree that the opposite is not true. Indeed, oracle cards offer more flexibility. Their structure and the symbols they cover are different from those of the tarot and are specific to the logic of their creators. As a result, there are as many structures in this game as there are oracle cards.

While some are used to make predictions and others to practice personal development, some oracles allow you to do both at the same time. They also make it possible to obtain precise messages in relation to a situation. Moreover, these cards offer the advantage of being easier to master for beginners.

The different types of divinatory oracles

There are many types of divinatory oracles depending on the themes (minerals, plants, animals, stars, angels, fairies…) and the purpose of their use (guidance, prediction, personal development, therapy…).

Depending on the purpose of the games, we distinguish prediction cards, including the oracle of mirrors, the oracle Gé, the oracle of the Triad and the oracle of Belline. For guidance purposes, the following cards are successful: the Fool’s Wisdom Oracle, the Fairy Oracle, the Gaia Oracle, and the Angel Oracle (by Doreen Virtue).

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On the other hand, some cards are used to apply philosophical precepts or methods of personal development. Among them are the following games:

  • the Oracle of Tatootherapy;
  • the Oracle Messages of Light;
  • the little oracle of the tree of life;
  • Law of Attraction cards;
  • the oracle Mamaluna;
  • the game of Toltec Accords.

You will also find on the market games dedicated to personal development. Among them are the following: the Oracle of Isis, the Oracle of the Sacred Rebels, and the Oracle The Answer is Simple. Also note that some cards are used for therapeutic purposes. This is the case of the oracle of the chakras, the oracle The Sacred Way of the Body as well as The secret language of colors.

Choose a divinatory oracle

There is an impressive number of oracle cards, some as original as the others. This does not always make the choice easier. To find the game that suits you, rely on your intuition, your feeling or your tastes. Trust yourself and choose the oracle that naturally attracts you. To help you, get inspired by cartomancy videos, watch popular themes and refer to illustrations. Reading the summary provided by the author can also facilitate your choice.

However, the latter must take into account your objective. Would you like to make predictions? Do you want to practice personal development instead? Or do you want to perform therapeutic sessions with your oracles?

According to the answers, choose the cards that really suit you. The description of these games provides valuable information on the primary purpose of the cards. Be sure to read them before making a choice. All you have to do is turn to a store selling divinatory oracles online to get an idea of ​​the different offers and select the one that appeals to you.

Generally speaking, oracles are perfect for beginners. They are easy to handle because they have a simpler structure. However, some of these cards bear the name “tarot” while some tarot cards do not display this denomination. This is why it is important to carefully read the description of the oracles that interest you.

Note that tarot decks are always composed of 22 cards (only majors) or 78 cards (major and minor arcana). When the number of cards in a deck is different from 22 and 78, it is usually an oracle.

Draw cards from a divinatory oracle

There are several ways to draw the oracle cards, but before, it is necessary to to prepare or to purify its framework or its games. If for some, this is not an obligation, professionals strongly recommend it.

Prerequisites for using a divinatory oracle properly

In general, divinatory oracle cards are delivered for purchase with a book. Start by reading it to soak up the context of use and the types of draws to be made with your game.

Each oracle has its type of drawing well elaborated by its creator. Learn how to do it without putting pressure on yourself. It also allows you to familiarize yourself with the illustrations and symbols of the cards.

It is also essential that you prepare your sessions before starting the draw. To do this, focus on your questions. You can also light a candle and say a prayer to ask for assistance from spirit guides or celestial energies. We also recommend purifying your surroundings with white sage or frankincense.

To make predictions, some professionals advise holding the cards above the incense smoke while dealing with them, clockwise circles. All this purifies, harmonizes the game and improves your connection with the good energies in order to draw the cards and interpret them without error.

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The drawing of divinatory oracle cards

If you are a beginner, simply rely on the draw offered by the creator of your oracle. If you find it difficult, don’t worry. Regular practice will allow you to better control it.. It is possible, depending on the case, to use other draw methods, taking inspiration from the tarot, for example.

A simple method is to shuffle the cards to draw only one. Practiced in the morning for example, it can provide you with information on the energy of the day. In the evening, it can give a line of thought on which to meditate.

If you have any questions, ask them before you beat and shoot your oracles. Another method you can try is to draw 7 cards which you will lay out horizontally, from left to right. Then repeat the same operation twice in a row so as to obtain 3 successive and horizontal lines each consisting of 7 cards. Then take your booklet to read the meaning of each oracle to perceive the messages delivered generally. For this method, you must start the interpretation from top to bottom and from left to right.

Note, however, that the interpretation should not be based solely on the symbols on the cards. You must also base yourself on your emotions and feelings. This is why it is useful to meditate before starting. It improves your extra-sensory perception. Consider cards that jump out of play as you shuffle or shuffle them. They are revealing and provide important information for your analysis.

* Presse Santé strives to transmit health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE, the information given can not replace the advice of a health professional.

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All about divinatory oracles

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