Horoscope: astral forecasts for the month of August 2022

A new month has just begun. Money, happiness, love,… Discover in this article all the astrological forecasts for this eighth month of the year 2022.


In August, we rest while taking a break to think about a future more in line with our desires. Jupiter and Saturn continue their so-called “retrograde” course. If there is a journey, it is first of all internal and translates into the desire for a salutary return to oneself. The desire to give meaning and coherence to your actions leads you to change direction. In Gemini, from the 21st until the end of the year, Mars piques your curiosity by leading you to other areas of activity. Mars is also the libido, at its highest with mischievous, varied and repeated hugs. It’s summer, take advantage of it.


People of your sign will have to roll up their sleeves during this month of August. Indeed, professional activity will come back to the fore. A lot of sweat but also creativity on the program. Cupid, meanwhile, will not shine by his initiative and will be rather discreet.


August is a decisive month with major choices to be made and a completely different course to be defined before the start of the school year. If nothing concrete is put in place, your ideas fuse, you have a new future in your sights. In retreat recently Jupiter prefers reflection to action, the time for you to gather the means you need to begin your turn. On the 21st, Mars enters the scene, expect to multiply the experiences before targeting the one that meets your expectations. It’s rewarding, but you run the risk of losing your way if you don’t adopt a careful and careful approach from the start.


Want to breathe? Not sure, however, that this period is synonymous with calm for people of your zodiac sign. Especially during the last two weeks. Between the excitement at work and the start of the school year to prepare, you will have your work cut out for you. As for the finances, we will have to show a little more rigour.


In August, the reversal of Jupiter reinforces your efforts and your convictions. More than ever you know what you want, stubborn to show what you are worth. It’s summer, the holidays but ambitions are turned towards other horizons, able to improve your situation. On the 12th, Venus puts social life in the background, love occupies your thoughts and the field with romantic initiatives. You surprise, delight, grant, your spouse is thrilled. Around the 21st, you have a real challenge to take up, convince, conquer or regain trust if the dialogue is broken.


After a very busy month of July, people of your sign will find, in August, a well-deserved haven of peace. They will manage to let go. This state of mind will be conducive to love. Whether they are married or single. And as the finances will be positive, nothing will stop them in their seduction. Hot in front!


In August, you shine! Under the influence of the Sun and then of Venus in Leo, you give off a very special aura, a subtle blend of grace and generosity. Friendships are spontaneous, mutual attractions. These sunny effects reinforce the bond on the eve of the start of the school year.


Like the last few weeks, this month of August will smile on your sign. In unprecedented form, you will show yourself affable with your loved ones. The love domain will also be favored. Unfortunately, in terms of finances, a test awaits you at the end of the month. You will have to put your hand in your pocket.


Love occupies your thoughts, before returning to conversations. From the 12th to the 31st, Venus exalts your feelings. You prove your attachment through concrete, audacious and generous initiatives, your partner is moved by it. In Virgo, from the 5th, Mercury leads you to settle administrative matters in favor of those around you. The steps are tedious but your determination allows you to obtain satisfaction. On the 21st, Mars bursts into Gemini, relationships become your Achilles heel. Be careful that your trust is not betrayed, do not grant it too quickly.


This month of August will be the land of new experiences for people of your sign. Curious and enthusiastic, they will be thirsty for new discoveries. New horizons are emerging. Both professionally and personally. As for finances, it will be necessary to avoid reckless expenses. A rigor that will not always be easy to respect…


Concrete dilemmas are problematic. They can only be resolved by agreeing to compromise. On the heart side, we can love each other without agreeing on everything and share good times despite different tastes. From the 12th, Venus in Leo emphasizes the need to manage the budget well. The holidays should not make us forget the imperatives of the start of the school year and the obligations to be honoured. By settling from the 21st and until the end of the year in Gemini, Mars brings flexibility to your activities. Plans B and System D help you succeed anywhere.


After a rather introspective period in July, you will open up more outward. This will benefit you in all areas of your life. This period will however be a transition. It is only in September that these very positive changes will be echoed. Patience is therefore required during the month of August.

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Horoscope: astral forecasts for the month of August 2022

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