What breed of dog matches your astro sign? Here are the top ideas for each of you!

When choosing your pet, several criteria are taken into account. But, have you ever thought about finding the ideal dog that perfectly matches your personality according to your astro sign? Oddly enough, it’s a great starting point for enjoying superb compatibility with your next furry soul mate. Without wasting any more time, let’s see together which breed of dog matches your astro sign!

Choose his perfect pet according to his astro sign!

There are many points that we consider when choosing a pet. But, apart from practicality, if one can calculate your compatibility in love with his partner, why not do the same with his dog? Here is the perfect race to choose according to their zodiac sign.

This is which breed to choose, taking into account your personality traits

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People born under the sign of Aries generally love action and competition. They are full of energy and stand out for their leadership qualities. This is why the ideal dog for Aries wants to be loyal but also active and able to follow his rhythm. In this category, we find mainly:

  • german shepherd
  • Weimaraner
  • the Doberman Pinscher
  • Miniature Pinscher
  • the Dogo Argentino

These are all races of athletes with whom you can share hours of sporting activities (playing ball, swimming, etc.).

Aries needs an active dog who enjoys sports activities

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Taurus appreciate the finer things in life. They are faithful, creative and romantic. People under this sign most often play the card of practicality. They are patient and follow a slow but steady pace of life. The breeds that therefore fit such a description are:

  • the french bulldog
  • the Great Dane
  • the Brussels Griffon
  • the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Bassett

These dogs are loyal, affectionate, and build a trusting relationship slowly but that lasts for the long term. They are excellent companions.

A Loyal and Faithful Dog for Taurus

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Curiosity, energy, enthusiasm and communication are distinctive traits for representatives of the sign of Gemini. This is why they get along best with dogs that share these same qualities. These are:

  • the Bearded Collie
  • the Cockapoo
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • the Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie)
  • the cairn terrier
  • the russell terrier
  • the Bichon Frize
  • Portuguese Water Dog

They are active, energetic, fun-loving, playful dog breeds with bubbly personalities just like you!

A faithful companion in the adventures for the Géméto the

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Just like Taurus, Cancer is very loyal and loves family. People under the sign have strong intuition, they are emotional, generous and value security. The dogs that correspond to them are generally:

  • Chow Chows (loving)
  • the Rottweiler (protector of his home)
  • the border collie
  • the Bulldogs (guard dog)
  • the Dachshund
  • the boston terrier

The majority of these breeds are affectionate and protective of their homes.

Cancer needs a loving and protective dog

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Leos are radiant, positive and charming people. They are also fun, happy and proud. This is why their animal companions also want to be charismatic, optimistic and jovial. The dog breeds that meet these requirements are mainly:

  • the Cairn Terrier
  • the Bichon Maltese
  • Pomeranian Loulou
  • the Havanese
  • the pug

They are companions with irresistible facial expressions (just like those of Lions), fun and friendly.

A fun companion for Leos

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Virgos appreciate beauty. Personalities under this sign are also very intelligent, hardworking, and love to solve problems. Virgos are also generally detail oriented and enjoy serving others. Dogs that fit perfectly with this personality type are:

  • Briard
  • the Bloodhound
  • the Greyhound
  • the Keeshond
  • the Shetland Sheepdog
  • Miniature Poodle

Breeds that are intelligent and loyal to their owners.

A smart and loyal dog for Virgos

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Representatives of this sign love balance and harmony. They are gentle and polite people. They are social, loyal and overflowing with love. The dogs that match them perfectly are as follows:

  • Newfoundland retriever
  • the Shih Tzu
  • the siberian husky
  • the Samoyed
  • the Whippet

These breeds are known for their quick wits, energy, and affection.

Libras get along well with energetic dogs.

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Scorpios have strong, courageous, and passionate personalities. Representatives of this sign are also magnetic and mysterious. They need a dog whose personality is also dynamic and dedicated. Here are some suggestions:

  • the Bull Mastiff
  • Basenji
  • Akita
  • the pitbull
  • the norwich terrier
  • the norwegian greyhound
  • The Schipperke

Scorpio is looking for a dynamic and devoted companion

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Sagittarians have a bohemian soul. These people are curious, outgoing and with an impressive sense of humor. They are also energetic, friendly and always ready for a new adventure. Dogs that share these qualities are as follows:

  • the beagle
  • Brittany Spaniel
  • the russell terrier
  • the Airedale Terrier
  • the boston terrier
  • Labrador retriever.

An adventurous and fun dog for Sagittarians

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Capricorns love discipline, maturity, and control. Representatives of this sign are pragmatic and always pursue their goals. They have a determined and intelligent personality. The dog breeds that best suit them are:

  • the Pekingese
  • the cocker spaniel
  • the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
  • the Giant Schnauzer
  • the portuguese water dog
  • the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
  • Bernese Mountain Dog.

A disciplined companion for Capricorn

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Aquarians are characterized by an original spirit and a strong appreciation for mental stimulation. These people are most often revolutionary, eccentric, loyal and intelligent. The dogs that will accompany them wonderfully are:

  • the Schipperke
  • Chow Chow
  • the havanese
  • the Shiba Inu
  • Scottish Terrier (Scottie)
  • the poodle.

Loyal and intelligent dog breeds are ideal for Aquarians

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Pisces are dedicated people who like to take care of others. They are also intuitive, empathetic and creative. Generally, representatives of this sign get along well with everyone thanks to their flexible and calm nature. The races that correspond to them are:

  • the Saint Bernard
  • the Chihuahua
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • the Australian Shepherd (Aussie).

The dog of Pisces wants to be devoted, calm and empathetic

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What breed of dog matches your astro sign? Here are the top ideas for each of you!

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