Introduction of Yoga Club at Bel Air SSS – Arpana Cahoolessur: “I wish every public school had its club”

A Yoga Club has been born within the Bel Air SSS since June 9th. The initiative goes to Arpana Cahoolessur, the Head of Department of Sociology, who is a great yoga enthusiast. Its goal: to introduce Yoga Clubs in all schools on the island.

“Young people are too absorbed by the digital world and this weakens them. Yoga gives them a human connection and the group dynamic creates a beautiful energy,” says Arpana Cahoolessur, who is also a yoga and wellness coach.

Arpana Cahoolessur is a sociology teacher and yoga coach.

As of June 9, 13 girls in Grades 11 and 13 have joined the Yoga Club. They practice various types of yoga there, taught by Arpana Cahoolessur, the president of the Yoga Club. These include relaxation techniques, “super brain” yoga, “flesh” yoga and laughter therapy, among others.

“We have classes in the morning. I teach them techniques that will help in their development and in their studies. For example, ‘super brain yoga’ is an exercise that improves oxygenation of the nervous system and the brain, thus promoting better concentration,” says the coach.

She adds that laughter therapy is also a very beneficial tool for young people. “A good laugh for two minutes equals 30 minutes of relaxation. Laughter is good for physical and mental health, as it triggers an increase in the secretion of hormones that regulate mood and provide a sense of well-being. Also, it helps balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain,” Arpana Cahoolessur points out.

According to her, the various types of yoga practiced all aim to bring well-being to young students and “it is very effective”. The sociology teacher says she undertook a comparative study in 2010 on two Form II classes at the Bon Accueil SSS and the results showed that yoga helped the children do better in their exams.

“I had taken two classes of students who had the same teacher for a subject and more or less the same abilities. And when we analyzed the results after one year, we found that the students in the class, who practiced relaxation techniques and ‘mindful breathing’, had done better on their exams than the students in the other class. This study had paid off,” she says.

This is also the reason why Arpana Cahoolessur wants Yoga Clubs to be introduced in public schools.

“The education system is busy and the activities (arts, music and yoga) will help students to better relax and flourish. My goal is for every school to have an active yoga club. But, to date, I have taken the initiative to introduce them to the Bel Air SSS with the approval of the rector. However, I have to manage on my own, without anyone’s help. I do it for young people and their well-being. »

Arpana Cahoolesson… A passionate

It has been 17 years since Arpana Cahoolessur practiced yoga. It all started when she was still a student at the University of Mauritius. A friend, who had taken yoga classes, had introduced her to this discipline which she immediately loved.

Holder of a degree in Social Studies and a master’s degree in Social Development and a PECE in Social Science, she is so passionate about yoga that she decides to take courses in parallel. Today, she has several degrees in yoga (Yoga & Alternative Therapies, among others) and a degree in alternative medicine. She also founded the Global Academy of Yoga & Metaphysical Studies, which offers evening and weekend yoga classes.

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Introduction of Yoga Club at Bel Air SSS – Arpana Cahoolessur: “I wish every public school had its club”

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