What are the worst character traits of each star sign?

When one is interested in astrology, the clichés are legion. the Gemini and the Scorpio are the worst signs, Taurus are stubborn, narcissistic Leos … What’s more, the character traits attributed to the different astrological signs often differs depending on whether it is a question of a woman or a man and that this is often observed to the detriment of the woman… As for the legitimacy of these received ideas, it is up to you to see if they deserve that we give them credit … or not!

Aries is bossy

Aries are said to be very authoritarian and do not hesitate to impose themselves. The height is that they themselves do not support authority well…

  • The Aries man likes to lead, take on challenges, and gets angry easily.
  • The Aries woman is competitive, go-getter, fighter, but too independent compared to the standards of society.

Taurus are materialistic

What bothers the Bull ? The fear of uncertainty, of running out of money, of comfort…

  • The Taurus man is generous, sensual, peaceful, he would seek sustainability above all.
  • The Taurus woman is materialistic and good-natured, she loves the simple pleasures of life.

Gemini is moody

Gemini is one of the least popular signs. Deserved? We are not sure! Nevertheless, they are said to be liars, cheats, lunatics…

  • The Gemini man is fickle and seductive.
  • The Gemini woman is unpredictable, mischievous and immature.

Cancers are too sensitive

Emotional, able to go from rooster to donkey in no time. hard hard to be a Cancer !

  • The Cancer man is shy and romantic, he needs to be nurtured.
  • The Cancer woman is ingenuous and discreet.

Leo is narcissistic

Vain, self-centered, pretentious… Leo is the king of the Zodiac. And he knows it!

  • The Leo man is authoritarian and demanding.
  • The Leo woman is a diva, a competitor, she likes to arouse passions.

Virgos are perfectionists

The perfectionist Virgo? to say the least. Eternal dissatisfied, she is very meticulous, even maniacal…

  • The Virgo man is conscientious and meticulous, control freak.
  • The Virgo woman is a perfectionist and is unable to let go.

Libra is indecisive

It’s hard for Libras to make a choice…

  • The Libra man is charming and (a little) manipulative.
  • The Libra woman is conciliatory, mediator, even self-effacing.

Scorpio is a manipulator

Ready to do anything to achieve his ends, even if it means crushing the others in his path?!

  • The Scorpio man is ambitious, secretive and mysterious.
  • The Scorpio woman is persuasive, ambitious, charismatic and sometimes cruel.

Sagittarius is clumsy

A little scattered, Sagittarius can have trouble concentrating…

  • The Sagittarius man is confident, idealistic and generous but can lack delicacy…
  • The Sagittarius woman is sincere and benevolent but has difficulty with authority.

Capricorns are cold

Cold, austere, insensitive: so many adjectives that we use to designate the Capricorns.

  • The Capricorn man is thrifty and honest but can lack empathy.
  • The Capricorn woman is modest and can lack confidence, but she is also very demanding!

Aquarians are (too) independent

Aquarians are true artists at heart; they are also very free and find it difficult to comply with standards.

  • The Aquarius man is a visionary and a free-thinker.
  • The Aquarius woman is independent and dynamic.

Pisces is elusive

  • The Pisces man is romantic, understanding but not good at communication.
  • The Pisces woman is dreamy, passionate, whole…

To read. “Does the Zodiac have a gender?” Mathilde Fachan, Larousse editions (224 pages). €17.95.

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What are the worst character traits of each star sign?

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