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We have already talked about yoga and the many benefits it brings to our body. Thousand-year-old techniques that contain many secrets for body, mind and spirit. Activities that include body and respiratory gymnastics, psychophysical disciplines aimed at meditation or relaxation. There are different types of yoga, the most classic focus mainly on spiritual research, and others, on the other hand, also project on the physical benefits that this interesting discipline brings. The choice is strictly personal and depends on the needs and objectives of each. Among the different existing types, today we speak of ChromaYoga.

Why practice yoga

Yoga serves both to strengthen the muscles of all parts of the body and the ability to coordinate our psyche. The goal is to make the human being harmonious in all its components. The positions adopted during a lesson are called “asanas”: to achieve them with precision, it takes diligent practice. The difficulty lies in obtaining an asana in perfect firmness of the limbs using breath control, “Pranayama”.

When performing the discipline, the mind of the practitioner should be free from thoughts and worries, there should be total detachment from his daily life. In addition, doing yoga has several benefits: improving posture, joint mobility and the circulatory system, but also relaxing the body.

Chroma Yoga: what it is and how it works

Yoga is a highly appreciated and practiced discipline and it is precisely for this reason that it has continued to evolve over the years: to stimulate the mind, the body and the senses, it is in fact possible to to focus on colors.

This new version takes the name of Chroma Yoga, an approach that combines lights and chromotherapy, combined with sounds and natural essences to offer an immersive and multisensory experience.

Each Chroma Yoga class takes place in an ergonomically designed room, immersed in a specific color that requires specific sequences of movements, corresponding to the healing properties of that color. Each session includes a soundtrack specially composed according to the frequencies emitted by our brain in different states of consciousness. The goal is to instill a calm and relaxed state.

The benefits of chromotherapy

As the word itself suggests, chromotherapy uses colors as healing therapy. According to the supporters of this practice, the colors would help the body and especially the psyche to regain their natural balance, having physical and psychic effects capable of stimulating the organism and calming certain symptoms. Since ancient times, the first civilizations used chromotherapy to heal their mental and therefore inner well-being. Chromotherapy has a long tradition, especially in the East, in Egypt, for example, they practiced heliotherapy, that is, direct exposure to the sun; in India, medicine has always taken into account the influence of colors on the balance of the chakras; and the Chinese trusted their well-being to the action of different colors.

Colors are an integral part of our being, they often determine ours humor. They calm us, stimulate us, relax us and can be used to our advantage by totally natural solutions by adopting the principles of chromotherapy. This special technique, in fact, uses the wavelength of colors to rebalance the energies that cause emotional imbalances, and if this practice is combined with yoga asanas, the benefits are greater.

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Chroma Yoga: the discipline that uses colors to achieve physical and mental well-being » La TV en Live

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