Horoscope 2022: your astrological forecasts, sign by sign, from July 23 to 29, 2022

People born in Leo are in the spotlight this week, like Laurent Kerusore born July 25, 1974. Like the actor, your birthday is on this day? Happy birthday, and find out what the stars have in store for you. And whatever your day of birth, here is, sign by sign, the color of your astrological Sky, from July 23 to 29.
Leo, what do we like most or least about you? While Aries salutes your loyalty, Taurus loves to see the desire in your eyes. The passion awaits you! Gemini loves your whole character. Will you be able to tame it? Cancer knows you will protect them. What a professional achievement with a Leo! If you love each other, it will be in a tropical climate… with high hurricane risks! Virgo is happy to take care of you. Not only does Libra feel beautiful by your side, but you know how to reassure her. If Scorpio respects you, your two (iron) wills collide. Hello power relations! Sagittarius understands you, because he too wants to shine. Will you be able to erase yourself from time to time? Your proud airs irritate Capricorn. Will he take the time to get to know you better? If Aquarius admires you, he hates your bossy character. He wants to stay free! Your generosity pleases Pisces. Do not abruptly pull him out of his daydreams!

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March 21 – April 20.

Your project is interesting. We will give you a hand to achieve it, even if you will have to wait for the start of the school year. Fine-tune it by then. And take the time to love!

The board. Have fun.


April 21-May 21

This is a week of observation more than action. Why ? Because a flavor of conflict reigns and you don’t have the best assets. If it’s tight at home, don’t overdo it!

The board. Soft.


May 22-June 21.

If it’s not harvest season yet, it’s fast approaching. Above all, don’t give up! Do you feel alone? A rapprochement or a meeting are also on the horizon.

The board. Don’t get discouraged.


June 22-July 22.

At work ? Lunches, friendly exchanges: a good understanding reigns between you and your colleagues. And maybe a substitute will make your little heart beat faster, the solos…

The board. Enjoy the good times.


July 23-August 23.

You no longer know what your real desires are? Better to wait until mid-August to talk to your partner about it: you will see more clearly. Ditto on the job side: no hasty decision!

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The board. Take care of yourself.


August 24-September 22.

An event to organise? Don’t let your spouse worry. From shopping to a massage to relax him, you manage everything. What a lucky guy! Cheerful, you interest your contacts.

The board. Enjoy!


September 23-October 23.

A bit disappointing, the holidays? Don’t blame your alter ego: something tells us he’s cooking up a great weekend for you. If you work, results will delight you.

The board. We smile!


October 24-November 22.

It’s not your fault that people are watching you. But you don’t mind. Is it to provoke your spouse? If you are in conflict, this is not how you will calm things down. On the professional side, don’t fight.

The board. Rest.


November 23-December 21.

This assured head bearing, this magnetism… Enough to trigger amorous offensives, singles. And if you work, convince anyone of (almost) anything!

The board. Be fine.

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December 22-January 20

Do not hesitate to talk business, even if you are on vacation: your contacts could lead to something concrete. Are you looking for an important meeting? Some planets really want to satisfy you!

The board. Don’t shut yourself down.


January 21-February 18.

What do you want your accomplice to dislike? The more he tries to reason with you, the angrier you get. Cool ! Why are they in a bad mood at the office? Be smarter than them and smile!

The board. Zen.


February 19-March 20.

Union, baby… You love each other and projects abound. How long have you been married? Perhaps you will decide to live elsewhere. In a milder climate? What creativity! What are you preparing?

The board. Carry on!

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Horoscope 2022: your astrological forecasts, sign by sign, from July 23 to 29, 2022

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