Virgo’s horoscope for November 2022

What do the stars have in store for Virgos in November 2022? General climate, daily life, or even love life… Christine Haas gives you her forecasts for people born between March 21 and April 21.
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General climate

The Scorpio period, which began on October 23, is generally one of the best for exchanging ideas, communicating, negotiating and therefore using speech, seeing writing, to give a good image of yourself. It will also be a question of your relations with your close entourage, both in your personal life and in your professional life. In general, you have a very critical mind and it is difficult for you to restrain yourself. One good way to maintain good relationships is to try to say what you have to say with humor. In addition, short trips will be in the foreground and will certainly be a source of pleasure, especially if it is to visit one of your relatives. Unless it’s him/her who comes.

Everyday life

We have talked about this in previous months, Mars is always in dissonance with you. It occupies the zenith of your chart and has adopted a retrograde march; however, it is still in dissonance with Neptune for much of the month. If you are from the 3rd decan, this month again, you will tend to be the victim (for some) of an attempt at manipulation, which can really destabilize you. Nevertheless, the whole sign can feel this aspect. Mars and Neptune will, fortunately, cease their dissonance at the very end of the month and you will not see it again until March 2023. Moreover, Jupiter has returned to Pisces and opposes you (end of the 3rd decan): if you have a legal case on your hands, you can settle things between November 24th and December 20th.

Love life

Venus will be well placed at the beginning of the month since it will occupy your friend Scorpio until November 16th. It’s really in the area of ​​the emotional that you will feel the best, the atmosphere will be lighter and there could even be eels under rock with someone you already know, but of whom you did not think, at least not from the love angle. If you can, send him little messages and he/she is pretty sure that he/she will reply to you. As a couple, a beautiful complicity will reign, you will be in tune with each other. After November 16, it will be more the family that will be your priority, one of your relatives may be returning from afar. A meeting can also take place, which will allow you to see family members that you do not see often.

As an aside

The November 23 New Moon takes place in decan 1 of Sagittarius, your sector of home and family. You might want to change your decor, receive someone at your home, or see someone you loved in the past (near or far). It will be emotionally stirring, but it shouldn’t settle down. You probably won’t forget the reasons why you broke up.

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Virgo’s horoscope for November 2022

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