3 Zodiac Signs Who Always Come Back To Their Ex: They Can’t Resist It

You ended a romantic relationship or your partner ended your relationship but you can’t get over your ex. You may be one of the zodiac signs who find it difficult to go through with a breakup.

You are often tempted to rekindle the flame with one of your former partners, you hope that your ex-companion will reconnect with you! Your zodiac sign may be one of those who finds it difficult to turn the page on a romantic relationship.

Which zodiac signs are likely to return to their ex?

Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs. Source: spm

The urge to go back to your former partner can be very intense depending on your personality and the type of relationship you had with this person. However, some zodiac signs will be more likely to return to someone they loved and be nostalgic for their past history. They will tend to reminisce about this person or look at their old photos. They feel a very intense connection to their memories of the past and are likely not to project themselves into the future. According your zodiac signyou should more easily go back to an ex.


The sign of Virgo

The sign of Virgo. Source: spm

People who have their Sun in Virgo would find it more difficult to let go of a person with whom they had an affair. They don’t pair up easily, but once they meet the right person, they can become fully involved in the relationship. This situation allows Virgos to feel safe and to have a certain comfort with their partner. This is why the natives of this Earth sign will find it difficult to easily abandon a relationship when it has ended. It’s very hard for them to forget their ex and move on. They will feel broken and very nostalgic about their past relationship.


The sign of Pisces

The sign of Pisces. Source: spm

For Pisces, the separation with a partner is not dramatic but they often have difficulty realizing that the relationship is really over. They are under an illusion that their relationship is over and may be in denial. Pisces tend to want to prove that they are irreplaceable. They can regain their confidence by going back to their exes to caress them in the direction of the hair. They will often use their sensuality to achieve their goal and win back an ex who would find it difficult to resist the temptation. Pisces can really be in denial and even in a new relationship, they will tend to keep thinking about their ex and having hopes of getting back together with them.


The sign of Cancer

The sign of Cancer. Source: spm

Cancerians are very sensitive and can quickly fall into nostalgia for a past relationship and want to find their memories. For the natives of this Water sign, a separation is often very dramatic and it is heartbreaking when a relationship ends. Cancerians do not necessarily like loneliness and will do anything to fill the emotional gap with another partner. However, it is easier for them to go back to someone they know than to go to a new person and start over. Cancers can do everything to reconnect with an ex despite the passage of time or certain obstacles. They are convinced that their ex can not live without them and vice versa and can return to their first relationship without hesitation.

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3 Zodiac Signs Who Always Come Back To Their Ex: They Can’t Resist It

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