Florent Pagny: what astrology says about the life of the singer and coach of The Voice

Suffering from lung cancer, Florent Pagny, a 60-year-old artist from Burgundy, is one of the favorite musicians of the French. On the front of the stage thanks to the show The Voicethe singer is more than ever in the news because of his sickness. The opportunity to look back on his life and his exceptional career.

Florent Pagny: a Scorpio man destined for success

When you look at Florent Pagny’s birth chart, one of the first things you notice is his artistic destiny.

Indeed, the tenth house is that of the profession and social success. Florent Pagny has his Sun in Scorpio in this house, which according to the stars predisposes him to excel in his profession and to the recognition of the native in this field.

In the case of the singer, famous for his career and his unparalleled talent, it’s the least we can say.

Neptune, planet of the expression of artistic talents is joined to the Sun in this same house. Her destiny seems to be linked to art and self-expression. If we add to this explosive planetary combo the presence of Mars, which represents the power of action and the will according to astrology, we understand that its success is entirely its own.

Astro: the Moon in Libra, the search for harmony

Florent Pagny has the Moon in Libra. People who possess this lunar aspect are generally good company and have a gift for diplomacy.

The sympathy this Moon gives to those who possess it is undeniable. The perpetual search to smooth things over and to be appreciated by others is important.

With a sun sign as strong as that of Scorpio and a determined and rather determined ascendant, like Capricorn, this lunar position brings charm and gentleness to the rather rebellious and determined personality of Mr. Pagny.

The house that houses the Moon and the planet Venus of the Coach of “The Voice” is the ninth, according to the astrology that of projects abroad.

It’s no wonder that meeting his girlfriend Azucena Caamaño in 1993 changed his life forever. Since then it is love crazy between the French singer and the beautiful South American.

He moved to Argentina, the country where the model and entrepreneur is from to lead a more anonymous life in Patagonia.

The Voice: a demanding coach to find the most beautiful voice

We cannot forget to mention the astrological ascendant of Florent Pagny in the sign of Capricorn.

This earth sign is cold and demanding by definition. The level of perfection sought by people with this ascendant can be very high, both for themselves and for others.

Pagny has become the emblematic coach of the TF1 musical competition thanks to the record number of victories accumulated by his team and his durability on the show.

A battle against cancer

With the strength of character that the “my freedom of thought” singer possesses, we can expect him to face his illness with the same grit and vigor he has shown since his debut to lead a life outside standard. We wish him the best.

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Florent Pagny: what astrology says about the life of the singer and coach of The Voice

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