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Pinch me, if you can! In the zodiac, each of the twelve astrological signs has a well-defined role. Aries is the entrepreneur, Taurus the way of reason, Gemini embodies openness to the world, Cancer deepens things. It invites introspection, connects to emotions. Water sign whose directing star is none other than the Moon, Cancer has the reputation of being a great sensitive. Yes, he is able to cry while watching a video of a dog cuddling a groundhog. Do you find that cliché? Will simply tell him that he has the soul of an artist. His emotivity is expressed through his creativity. Cancer simmers you little dishes to tell you that he loves you. He also forces you, a little, sometimes, to remind him how much you care for him when you told him you didn’t want a third plate of tagliatelle. Too intense, Cancer? The debate has begun. If it’s a bit like the “mom hen” or the “sugar daddy” of the zodiac, Cancer has, like all the other signs, its share of faults that make it irritable. Difficult for some to succeed in supporting the lunar emotions of Cancer. A simple matter of friendly compatibility. Decryption.

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Who is Cancer’s best friend?

In friendship, the Cancer knows how to be present for his gang, which he has nicknamed his family at heart. Always attentive, he likes to take care of others, he cajoles those around him and always bends over backwards to make sure everyone is well. Her mojo: “You are what you surround yourself with,” as Cancer star Selena Gomez explains, before adding, “I know that’s a cliché quote, but it’s true. For Cancerians, nothing is more important than creating a world in their image. They then get along wonderfully with signs like Pisces or Scorpio.

Their common point? The same sensitivity and love for their roots inherited from their guiding element, Water. With the Bull, it also matches perfectly. Both signs share the same outlook on life. They dream together of a daily life made up of good food, heart-to-heart discussions and small attentions. Together, these two faithful signs are ready to do anything to preserve the well-being of the group. All is then only tenderness, sweetness and voluptuousness. Every time they meet, the two will have to tell each other what their fears and doubts are and what their lunch was. Then we’ll say hello and chat. The program is established and beware of those who do not follow it meticulously.

What are the prohibitions of the Cancer sign?

Cancer is not just a peaceful being. Try stepping on their toes, taking over the Christmas menu for them, or attacking their loved ones and you’ll see that Cancer is also a cosmic animal capable of pinching. Very protective, Cancer is a mother bear devoting her life to preserving her cocoon. It’s not easy for those around you to have to constantly report their actions to our friend Cancer. Yes, we must say everything, be transparent. No, as a friend of Cancer, you don’t really have the right to have a secret garden. Having mastered the art of control, the Cancer can sometimes have sharp words. For him, it is his way of loving others. For those around him, this is sometimes too intense… For goodness sake!

More so, Cancer can turn out to be a bit angry, if not capricious. Able to bend over backwards for those they love, Cancer tends to expect a lot in return. Be careful, if you miss an opportunity to remind him that you love him as the first wonder of the world, Cancer can quickly change your tone. Annoyed, he won’t say anything at the time, but he will quickly make you understand where the problem is coming from with little peaks. Holding a grudge is a bad thing. But, in Cancer’s eyes, it’s all about balance.

What is the least compatible sign with Cancer?

He is said to be moody, too intense, emotional, sometimes even control freak. Not in the way of a Virgo whose life is dedicated to making to-do lists, but rather when it comes to mastering their relationships and the smooth running of their friendships. While this is ideal for a Taurus, such behavior can quickly scare other zodiac signs. This is the case, for example, of Sagittarius or Aquarius with whom Cancer can have trouble getting along. For good reason, these two accomplices have a great need for freedom. Difficult then to ask them to pour too much on their feelings. Their detached and volatile side risks panicking Cancer. Conversely, the protective side of Cancer could stifle Sagittarius and Aquarius. Between them, it seems complicated to find common ground, a happy medium where everyone feels good.

Same observation with the Lion. The most solar sign in the kingdom of the stars is also the one that is often considered the most selfish. He likes to shine, he loves being in the spotlight and places his well-being at the center of his concerns. Not really the type of Cancer who is more the type to give everything to others. With him, Cancer could then feel a bit forgotten. We advise against. With Capricorn, the agreement can also be complex. For good reason, the two signs are opposed on the wheel of the zodiac. Cancer is all about emotion and sweet words, Capricorn is the sign of righteousness and “the less I say, the better off I am”. Even more, it would seem that the Cardinal sin of Cancer is nothing but laziness. “Crabs are masters of the art of resting,” explained in a previous article. Problem: Capricorn is a work tycoon, a fan of things well done. Capricorn therefore has every chance of finding themselves disconcerted in the face of a potential lack of enthusiasm. The clash seems inevitable. Prevention is better than cure.

Why shouldn’t you dump your best friend right away?

You are Cancer and your best friend obviously has nothing to do with you on paper? Do not panic. The explanations on the friendly compatibilities between astrological signs is not an exact science. Astrology is not a science. Other criteria must therefore be taken into account to qualify the theories established by this divinatory art. Ascendant, moon sign, position of Mercury (communication) or Venus (love) can therefore vary your astral profile, hence the importance of reading your chart as a whole. It can therefore also happen that a Cancer does not match at all with a Taurus.

Are you Cancer and your BFF is Sagittarius? There is no doubt that you can still get along. Life is made up of a touch of magic and sometimes things are simply inexplicable. Bet on the beauty of the present moment without asking yourself too many questions and, please, do not cut ties with your friends on the pretext that an article tells you about your potential differences.

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What is Cancer’s worst enemy? – She

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