How to know or recognize the astrological sign of your cat?

Do you want to better understand your cat through astrology? Here’s how to know your Zodiac sign.

Éliane Arav is the author of The Astrology of my cat to better understand us, published in October 2020, the only guide addressing this discipline applied to cats. According to her, cats like humans vibrate to the rhythm of cosmic energies and are sensitive to the cycles of the seasons and the planets, to the stars therefore. It offers us a new way to live better with our catsand always better understand them.

Astrology allows you to know and understand other things about the present, the past, the future. Cats are part of this bubble of intuitions, sensations. It is a dialogue. Like the first feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time. Astrology is a tool for getting to know each other that can be adapted to the relationship between man and animal.

Astrology helps you better understand your cat

This guide is for people who want to deepen their relationship with their pet and discover things about them that they hadn’t necessarily imagined. To choose your cat according to its astrological sign, a tradition suggests that the water signs agree with the earth signsand the air signs with the fire signs. With the decansthe ascendants or even the influence of the moon, we can go further on the affinities and possible links between human and animal.

What to do when you don’t know the date of birth of the cat?

Éliane Arav’s book proposes get some information from your cat’s behavior : for example, if your cat came into your life wanting to radiate, with great confidence and a need for demonstration, we can say to ourselves that he is very sunny and that he most likely belongs to the sign of the Lion or Ram. To go further, if it is possible to know the time of birth, we can refine with the ascendant. By going there step by step, we recognize the characteristics of the sign.

What is the influence of the moon on animals?

We know it, the moon has an influence on nature, plants, tides, but also on animal nature. For example, during new Moonanimals are more tired, more lethargic. On full moon days, the animals are more excited, more unstable, more in lovebut also more aggressive.

Thereby, observe your cat’s behavior during the different phases of the moon to see if a change takes place in him, which will allow you to understand it better.

Know the astrological sign of your cat according to its date of birth

If you know the date of birth of your cat (precise or approximate, the month of its birth), you will find in the list of signs below the one to which it belongs and you can then refer to the meaning of its sign in the ‘article “Here is the character of your cat according to his astrological sign“.

Here are the dates of the twelve astrological signs:

Namely, dates may vary slightly due to leap years.

Determine the astrological sign of your cat without its date of birth

If you do not know the date of birth of your cat, certain clues (behaviour, character, appetite…) can help find his astral dominant, then its sign or the one to which it is closest according to its behavior. The astral dominant corresponds to the solar system planets (Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Mars, etc.) or to the stars (the Sun, the Moon) which have the greatest influence on the animal. There are ten astral dominants and each refers to one or more Zodiac signs.

To determine the astrological sign of your cat thanks to the astral dominant, you will find the necessary information in the article “How to guess the sign and the astral dominant of your cat?“.

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How to know or recognize the astrological sign of your cat?

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