The Full Moon in Pisces is going to be intense for these 3 zodiac signs, here’s why

The date of the Full Moon in Pisces approach, and although it takes place in the morning, its effects can be felt all day Saturday, September 10, 2022. This lunation will be intense but intimate and it will require devoting a moment of introspection thanks to the sign in which it occurs : the fish.

Astro: how to define the astrological sign of Pisces?

The sign of Pisces is idealistic and dreamy. His ruling planet, Neptuneis the cosmic manager of artistic inspiration because of its connection to the etheric world of imagination and fantasy.
Neptune allows our mind to detach from reality and soar. A world without his influence would be flat and colorless.

But beware, Neptune can also cause our minds to wander into dreams that are much more pleasant than harsh reality. It is a fact that many natives of the sign of Pisces suffer from facing it, because the world that their head creates is clearly better and more beautiful than the one in which we live.

What will be the impact of the Full Moon in Pisces in September 2022?

This Full Moon takes place during the season of Virgin, which is known to be one of the busiest of the year. While this active recovery energy can help you move forward, the purpose of this lunation is to pause to fully experience your ability to imagine and create, to feel and merge.

Horoscope: what are the 3 signs that will feel the effects of this Full Moon in Pisces the most?

These signs should start to prepare, because the upcoming celestial event could be very intense! Want to know if yours is one of them?


The sign of Gemini will be strongly impacted by the Full Moon on Saturday. It will be on your axis of social position, so you will have to connect with the image you want to send to others of yourself. As if that were not enough, the planet Mars in your sign produces a lot of tension on the axis of the Moon and the Sun. For this reason, for these natives, we advise a lot of tranquility on this day!


This Moon will allow you to reconnect with certain aspects of yourself that go unnoticed because of your nature. organized and obsessive. You will be able to connect to the forgiveness and compassion that you carry within you, and thus do a karmic cleansing of past grudges and other resentments.


The Full Moon in your sign will help you connect with a certain part of you that is asleep. Self-love will have to be a reality of your life in order to live in better connection with others. You will be very sensitive, so be careful who you choose to spend this day with. If you have the opportunity to spend some time alone to reflect, use it wisely!

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The Full Moon in Pisces is the one that generates the most awareness and perception of the environment. This could produce some insecurity due to the high levels of empathy Neptune sends us. The ideal during this lunar phase is to dedicate oneself to a creative or spiritual activity, in a quiet environmentfar from conflicts and tensions.

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The Full Moon in Pisces is going to be intense for these 3 zodiac signs, here’s why

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