The Rise of Cryptocurrency Astrology

Bitcoin is a digital currency, managed on a blockchain system, with a very volatile price. Just a while ago it hit a new high of over $63,000, down to just over 38,000 today. Many have tried to decipher the causes of cryptocurrency appreciation and devaluation. And it turns out that astrologers are no exception. When they follow the patterns of the cryptocurrency against the movements of the sky, they find some interesting correlations. So, when you invest your money in this asset, can you count on the stars?

Nostradamus of cryptocurrency

Seattle-based Robert Weinstein has been following Bitcoin’s astrological patterns since 2017 and shares public predictions on his Twitter account, where he goes by the nickname “Crypto Damus”. This is an allusion to the 16th century figure Nostradamus, whose prophecies are said to have predicted world events.

The basic concept is this: anything with a birthday can have an astrological chart and can therefore be predicted to some degree. Bitcoin has several launch dates, but its birthday is most often celebrated on January 3. This is the date when, in 2009, the mysterious creator of the currency known as Satoshi Nakamoto, created the “genesis block”, thus starting the Bitcoin network.

Robert uses this date as the “birth” of Bitcoin and determines where the planets were at that time. Usually one would also consider a location, but since no one knows where Satoshi was, Robert omits that. He then observes the movements of the planets and what they could mean for Bitcoin, looking for signs of how it will move and if it will encounter any challenges.

It does not claim to be able to predict exact prices, but rather looks for clues that they will go up or down. In the various attempts to understand crypto-astrology, one of the obstacles we face is the influence of the planets.

Christen Skinner, a prominent London-based financial astrologer, offers another way to think about it. It invites us to take a greater interest in financial astronomy.

Financial Astrology

Christen has been a financial astrologer for 30 years and has written several books on the subject. She says the overlap between astrology and money goes back millennia, from ancients looking for signs of how their crops are changing, to 1930s traders looking for an edge in post-crash markets. . This is therefore nothing new. The thing that might seem new is that we decide to apply it to the digital currency sector.

Indeed, the entry of cryptocurrencies onto the scene has given financial astrologers something completely new to sink their teeth into. With Bitcoin, this seems a particularly natural pairing. The mysterious origins of this currency, and the unpredictable price movements have the same attractions for followers as the enigma of the planets. The tradition has evolved, as cryptocurrency enthusiasts begin to learn about astrology. And the followers of astrology within the framework of the investment believe that the main interest for this practice would rather relate to the investors. So, if you also trade crypto currencies on BitIQ or another site, you might just make a fortune with astrology. However, to put the odds on your side, you have to look at the factors that have a more direct impact on share prices. This is the case with fundamental factors, technical factors, and market sentiment.

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The Rise of Cryptocurrency Astrology

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