Prime Video: Nabilla will present a program based on astrology!

Nabilla has something new for her fans. Indeed, the pretty brunette goes from here can present a program based on astrology on Prime video.

Nabilla has a big surprise in store for her fans. And for good reason ! The star of the web will soon present a program based on astrology. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Nabilla loves the spotlight

It’s no longer a secret. Everyone knows that Nabilla loves being on screen.

And it’s nothing to say. Yes because, in November 2021, the pretty brunette decided to launch his own documentary.

But, this is not one of the first projects of the young woman. And for good reason !

In 2020, the former reality TV candidate had the chance to present the show Love Iceland Franke with Prime Video. An experience that seems to have greatly pleased the young woman of 30 years.

But, if Nabilla loves being on the front of the stage, she also appreciates just playing the role of the participant. Thus, the latter should soon, participate in the show of his girlfriend Maeva Ghennam.

In short, Nabilla is a real hyperactive. Even pregnant, the pretty brunette keeps working on new projects.

As proof, the wife of Thomas Vergara has just confirmed that she will present a brand new show on Prive Video. After all, it must be recognized that most of the programs in which she appears are a hit.

Thus, Nabilla will present a new dating show based on astrology. Just that !

One thing is certain, many fans are likely to be tempted by this brand new program.

Moreover, for those who have forgotten, all students can take advantage of the Amazon Prime Student offer. The latter allows you to have access to the platform for the modest sum of 24 euros per year instead of 49 euros.

So, for all those who want to know a little more, the rest is waiting for you. MCE TV tells you more!

The star is back with a brand new show on Prime Video

Nabilla fans do not know well, the pretty brunette is the type to chain projects one after another. And it’s nothing to say.

After having made a career in reality TV and launching his brand. Without forgetting that, the mother of Milann also hosted a show on Prime Video. So, that its own docu.

Moreover, the programs signed by the platform have been a real hit. So the latter has decide to sign a new contract with the star of the French Web.

Indeed, Nabilla has more or less confirmed what would be the host of this future show. And this, to the delight of his fans.

For its part, the streaming platform shared the first information about this show called Cosmic Love. The least we can say is that this announcement has aroused the curiosity of a lot of subscribers.

So the concept is simple, singles will trust the stars to find true love. The purpose of this program is then to restore to four single people the taste of love thanks to astrology.

One thing is certain, the bet is risky. But, Prime Video and Nabilla are convinced that this new program will be a hit. Above all, with the student offer offered by Prime Video, you will no longer have any excuses for not having seen the latest content.

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Prime Video: Nabilla will present a program based on astrology!

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