On dating applications, it “matches” according to the astrological sign

(ETX Daily Up) – The astrological sign has become a criterion like any other in the search for love. This is also one of the first topics of discussion on dating apps to break the ice. Singles, especially the youngest, do not hesitate to trust the stars before “matching”. To the point that certain specialized applications have made astrology their specificity.

Do you want to avoid repeating the same mistakes as in the past by falling back into the arms of a Scorpio? Asking for the astrological sign of your “match” on dating apps or on the first date has become commonplace. On social networks, astrology fans share their advice on the behavior of signs in love and their experience. One more proof that romantic relationships are increasingly turned towards the stars.

Astrology on dating apps

Dating apps are very interested in astrology. Some make it their particularity, such as Stars Align, which offers to make your birth chart and put you in touch with compatible people. Others propose to put his astro sign in description. According to the dating app Bumble, announcing your sign would increase your chances of matching by 62%. While it’s fairly common among women, men, especially between the ages of 18 and 25, are also beginning to follow the trend. It turns out that they consider astrology to be a good topic of discussion.

The clichés of the characteristics of the signs are here again at the heart of the debate. According to Bumble, Lions are the most popular on the app. Their romantic and rather epicurean character seems to appeal to the greatest number. No communication about the signs that have the least chance of finding love. But given the relentlessness against scorpions deemed manipulative and too seductive, it is quite possible that it is the latter.

Find your ideal partner

To know which sign of the zodiac is compatible with yours, some notions in astrology seem necessary. By consulting the astrologers of social networks, we discover that the astrological signs often go in pairs. For example, Leos and Aquarius are complementary signs. This is also the case for Gemini and Sagittarius. Finding the right person for you based on your sign is a growing debate, whether in the series, as with Astrological guide to broken hearts or in reality. Nabilla must also soon present a new reality show allowing singles to find love according to their astrological sign. The show named “Cosmic Love” is expected soon on Amazon Prime.

Of course, there is no proof that one sign is incompatible with another and love will take over. But if you’re still looking for your soul mate, you can indulge this trend by finding the Leo that will get your heart pumping. And if you have already found your half and you are a fan of astrology, nothing prevents you from agreeing on the sign of your future child.

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On dating applications, it “matches” according to the astrological sign

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