The Worst Zodiac Signs Aren’t Who You Think

Some zodiac signs have a better reputation than others. Clichés in astrology die hard. Result: very often some Zodiac signs are unloved. Find out which ones are the most hated…and why you’re wrong to hate them.

The sign of Scorpio is insensitive

Among the least loved astrological signs, we very often find Scorpio. Considered cold and insensitive, he is feared and dreaded by many. It must be said that he does not mince his words and is not afraid to be spicy when necessary. Yet beneath his impassive appearance hides a whirlwind of emotions. Scorpio can even be considered a drama queen who takes everything to heart.

For him, showing his emotions and an admission of weakness. He would love to be able to make decisions based on his head and not his feelings, but that is impossible for him. It is a sign of the water element: in other words, it is governed by its emotions and its feelings.

the scorpio sign is a big sensitive, very whole and loyal. When you win her heart, it’s for life. We often ignore it, but the family is a priority for this astrological sign who especially loves children.

The sign of Leo is narcissistic

It is often repeated: Leo is the king of the Zodiac. Flamboyant and proud, he is often criticized for being egocentric. And yes, he is not afraid to put himself forward. It is true that he appreciates flattery and compliments, but we often forget that what qualifies him in priority is his generosity. The sign of Leo has a very big heart, it is extremely warm. This is not a sign that likes to crush others to shine. Besides, he can’t stand gossip and petty people. He handles low blows very badly and never knows how to react.

The “true” Leo is the one who attracts the lights… but likes to share it with others. He is actually narcissistically fragile and compensates for his lack of self-confidence with a need for validation. Admittedly, being put forward reassures him, but he likes even more to highlight those he loves.

The sign of Gemini is unreliable

Ah, the sign of Gemini… it’s probably the most hated sign of the zodiac ! Liar, cheater, unfaithful… he combines inglorious adjectives to qualify him. We’re not going to lie to each other: this sign is not known for its great stability or its acute sense of justice. On the other hand, he is not the perfidious manipulator that is often described.

the Gemini sign gets tired of everything very quickly. He needs constant mental and intellectual stimulation. He likes to learn lots of new things but has a hard time specializing in one area. If he doesn’t finish what he starts, he hasn’t found a way to keep himself stimulated. Even in love or friendship, what he likes is to discover the other. He finds it difficult to go through with his stories because he is afraid of commitment and is afraid of losing his freedom. It is with maturity that he learns to calm down and no longer needs to reassure himself by seducing others. When he is confident, he no longer needs to run after acquaintances or others.

Behind his humor and his self-mockery hides a particularly anxious and melancholic person who prefers to flee a situation rather than suffer. Put him in confidence and you will have a completely reliable person in front of you!

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The Worst Zodiac Signs Aren’t Who You Think

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