New Moon August 27, 2022: Virgo energy gives us the rigor needed to make our dreams come true

The last new moon of the summer, which will take place this Saturday, August 27, 2022, offers us his good vorabations to prepare for the start of the school year. Thanks to the wise and methodical Virgo, we are ready to rethink our schedules, redefine urgency and sort our relationships to keep only the best.

“Anyone born when the planets moved through the sign of Virgo has a reputation for being super organized, detail oriented, pragmatic, service oriented and maybe a little sensitive. Virgos love lists, spreadsheets, research, data, and in-depth, nuanced communication, usually with the goal of helping others. the American astro-specialist Maressa Brown, on the site

August 27, 2022 New Moon: Tomorrow Prepares Today

The purpose of all this upheaval? Prepare our future life, in the image of our aspirations. A fulfilling social life? It’s time to reflect on our relationships. Do you want to refocus on family life? Start planning weekends to get together. Need to escape to the depths of Brittany to breathe? A move needs to be prepared in advance.

In short, you will understand, the new moon of August 27, 2022 invites us to review our priorities and draw up the means to make our dreams come true.. An entire program. “Because of the primary connection the moon will make – with action-oriented Mars – this is a time to chart your next chapter and make a bold and passionate move,” adds Maressa Brown.

“This new moon reminds us that we are playing for the long haul, and nothing lasting comes quickly,” said astrologer Imani Quinn, co-author of Astrology S.O.S.questioned by “It can also inspire you to assess how you are taking care of your health.”

The characteristic indecision of Virgo plunges us into the fog

But under the guise of rethinking every part of our lives to realign us, the indecisive Virgo risks adding fog to our psyche already battered by a return to school often at 100 an hour.

“Virgo has a reputation for being overly judgmental, but that’s only because self-improvement is extremely important to them. That said, it’s important not to obsess over perfection when reinventing yourself. If you find that this lunation triggers self-critical thoughts, try to give yourself some grace,” says astro journalist Brittany Beringer-Tobing on PopSugar.

And Maressa Brown added: “Virgo is one of the mutable signs – the flexible but also potentially indecisive group of the zodiac – so you may find yourself suffering from a bit of overthinking and hesitation about exactly what you want to achieve – or how to get there”.

A boost in our intimate life with Mars

But the reading of the sky would not be complete without observing the position of the different planets this evening of August 27. While Uranus continues its retrograde that began on August 24, inviting us to shake things up even if it means raising our voices, now Mars is adding its grain of salt.

“The new moon will clash with the warrior planet Mars, so the events surrounding this lunation could really push your buttons and test your patience,” predicts the expert astrology journalist Nina Kahn on Bustle. “While you may feel the need to act immediately, know that it’s best to wait for the emotions fueled by the new moon to cool before moving – especially as the values ​​of the planet Venus are bicker with chaos-loving Uranus, which could catalyze some sudden changes of heart, too,” she continues.

Impulses that could also be felt under the duvet. “With the moon falling 4 degrees from Virgo and Mars, the planet of action, energy and sex, hanging 4 degrees from the mutable air sign of Gemini, this new moon generates energy ardent, assertive, even potentially aggressive”, specifies Maressa Brown on

New moon of August 27: what effects on my astro sign?

Obviously, each astro sign will be affected differently by this new moon full of promise.

The natives of Ram to start are invited to rethink their lifestyle. A challenge that is perfectly in sync with good back-to-school resolutions, which will bear fruit in the months to come if it is achieved.

For the sign of Bull, you have to be prepared for the unpredictable. Easier said than done, true. But the more you let go, the more pleasant the changes will be.

Let’s go to Gemini who see their 4th house, of family life, highlighted by this new moon. Sit down for a while, chat with a loved one and above all listen to them and listen to yourself.

Spotlight on the social life of natives Cancer who will be torn between the desire to enjoy the summer holidays a little more, and that of being one-on-one with themselves.

Lionyou are invited to take a look at their finances, especially if they sang all summer enjoying the sunny evenings. It is quite possible to find the balance between an unbridled social life and a controlled budget.

Regarding the natives of Virgin, it’s the time of the year to take stock of yourself: how to organize yourself to achieve your dreams, especially on the professional level.

Balance ? This new moon is going to throw you into a fog even as they attempt to project themselves into adventurous tomorrows. Take the time to think about it and see all the consequences of your choices before diving in.

It is the team spirit that will reign over the sign of the Scorpio on this August 27 new moon. The momentum will be such that you will want to move mountains. Remember, however, that your mental health goes through hours of disconnection and that you have to know how to set limits from the start.

Born under the sign of Sagittarius, you will be hungry for recognition. To you the laurels, the pats on the back and why not, the salary increases… It is soon the period of the budgets, you would be wrong not to ask.

Drop everything to visit South America. Resume your studies. Start a professional retrainingand in cabinetmaking. In short, you will have understood it, it is a great adventure that awaits the natives of Capricorn.

As to Aquarius, he will have to open his heart. Talking about your feelings is fundamental to cleaning up relationships, even if it’s not always pleasant to hear.

We end our tour of the zodiac with the Pisces. Great opportunity to initiate a new path to flourish. It could be signing up for a silk painting course or starting – finally – a personal project. Unsurprisingly, at the end, you will be applauded.

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New Moon August 27, 2022: Virgo energy gives us the rigor needed to make our dreams come true

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