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Isaac John, Gabonese cultural actor.
Message from Isaac John to Bertrand Zibi 7joursinfocom

Very dear big brother Bertrand Zibi Abeghe,

Your liberation is a rebirth!

It is a great joy and at the same time a great emotion shared between tears and shivers for me to know you are finally free and among yours.

I cried, howled, shouted, sang, vociferated, with all the artisans of peace and justice to finally see you free.

I thank today our Almighty God, and our protective and benevolent Ancestors, for having protected you throughout these six long and exhausting years in the jails of the accursed house.

I thank all these powerful Entities for having preserved your health, your life, because we all know that the poison, the bad blows, the assassinations, the disappearances, in these prison circles there are legion. Without forgetting this terrible and horrible pandemic which decimated the whole world without mercy.

You held on, you kept your courage, your lucidity, your positivity and above all your great and deep sense of homeland, our very dear homeland Gabon, which we all jealously love in our hearts.

You remained our big brother, our Ndjime, our forever Ivuhunda. You are today a figure of justice in our country, you are today the model of Gabonese unity, the one who will know how to reassure and calm our alarms with the right words, because you have been unjustly thrown into prison.

And if today in heaven someone should be happy among the angels, it is Master Fabien Méré, he who had never stopped crying out for justice and who bore your name in all our demonstrations.

The entire Gabonese diaspora in France, the United States, Canada and Belgium is very reassured to see you alive, free and standing again.

First, take the time to gather with your loved ones, your mom, your children, your wife, your brothers and sisters, because you haven’t held them in your arms for a long time.

Secondly, give thanks to God as you said in your first interview which I followed yesterday, with a service of thanksgiving during which you will share a snack with those who will be available to accompany you. in this step.

Thirdly, big brother, you know me defender of our Ancestral culture, I will advise you to take a trip to the village, that is to say, to Bolosso-Ville to receive care in relation to our intrinsic traditions.

Because we are Bantu. Why am I telling you this, I know you know, but I’m going to reiterate it here anyway. Prison is not a good house, it is not a beautiful place. When you are sent to prison, it is the house of bad luck, of the curse, it is the house of evil spirits, it is the house of death.

And when we come out, your biological family must surround you with very strong care traditionally, to remove all the negative and unhealthy waves that have soiled your body because in our prisons in Africa, especially in our countries there , a prison there in our countries there, there is no concept of hygiene.

This care that your family will give you will aim to purify you and eliminate all the bad luck that sticks to all those who have once stayed in these so-called cursed places.

And lastly, my very dear big brother forever, keep calm, remain silent for a while in order to do a perfect personal introspection of yourself, to find the right words, clear ideas, meaningful words, profound wisdom, the right vision, the necessary strength, which will now trace and illuminate your path in the decisions you will take for the continuity of this fight for the love that we all have for our very dear homeland Gabon.

Be very careful of yourself, redouble your vigilance and discernment in the face of all those who will come to kiss you, sometimes with fake tears. They’re not all happy to know you’re free. Many of them have had thanks to you inflows of money from those who unjustly condemned you. By your detention, they could invent, create, indonfer, manufacture, heaps and heaps of lies so that you languish in prison.

And today, all this kitty will escape them, they will no longer have enough to maintain their accursed way of life. Don’t trust anyone who has nothing for you when you were detained. Think of all those anonymous people who have deprived themselves by praying, by interceding for you with the divine Transcendent.

Today, all nine provinces of Gabon felt an air of relief. But it’s not over because we must keep our faith in God so that he affects our leaders more so that they release all the other children of Gabon who are arbitrarily detained, and even if they had made serious mistakes, there are other reprehensible means to punish them. Prison is neither a good home nor a nice place to send others.

I say thank you to all the Gabonese people, and to all the Gabonese of the diaspora for this constancy in the momentum towards freedom….

Hate and grudge will make us weak

Our national anthem CONCORDE is a powerful weapon…

Isaac John, Gabonese cultural actor.

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Message from Isaac John to Bertrand Zibi. |

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