Body art: Which tattoo according to your astrological sign?

Tattooing is an art form that allows us to express ourselves. Body drawing often reveals the secrets of our personality and character. This is why the decision of the perfect design is usually made with great attention and reflection. Because in the end, the chosen tattoo will accompany us throughout life… So one of the most popular strategies for finding your rare pearl is to turn to astrology. Or in other words, choose a design that reflects the traits of his zodiac sign. If the theme intrigues you, today we give you the answer to the question: Which tattoo according to your astrological sign to choose?

The tattoo designs to consider according to your astrological sign

Speaking of an astrology-related tattoo, one usually has two options:

  • a tattoo with the symbol of their sign (or constellation);
  • or a more abstract tattoo that resonates with the typical features for the sign.

Whatever the concrete choice, getting a tattoo consistent with your astrological sign is an excellent idea. Above all, because this one will never be out of date. The chosen pattern always represents something that matches your soul and your character. Now let’s see the options to consider based on its sign.

Opt for a design that perfectly matches your personality

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Which tattoo according to your astrological sign?

#Aries ♈︎

Representatives of this sign are usually adventurous, confident and passionate. If you identify with these qualities, you will appreciate captivating tattoos on prominent body parts like legs and arms. As Aries is ruled by the planet of action (Mars), you can think of a symbol relating to action, movement, challenges, etc. Among the top variants, we find especially red tattoos, patterns related to the sign such as fire or the Falcon. Arrows are another ideal alternative as they symbolize competitive strength and trajectories.

Suggestions: fire, arrow, falcon

#Taurus ♉︎

Taurus are dependable and always like to stick to their decisions. Moreover, they appreciate beauty. This is why, eternal tattoos are a fantastic idea for the sign. Generally, it is the pretty and creative patterns that win with the star variants. If you are Taurus, that means you are ruled by the planet of love (Venus). You will appreciate turning to simple but aesthetic tattoos that hide an intelligent meaning. Most often, representatives of this sign stop on the bull symbol itself. This can of course vary in representation and complexity. To let your sentimental nature speak, tattoos with botanical motifs are another perfect solution.

Suggestions: bull, plant motifs

#Gemini ♊︎

Geminis are usually multifaceted people. They have a curious soul, a lively and open mind. Those born under this sign are keenly interested in different things. This is why a single tattoo is often not enough for the representatives of the sign. On the design side, artistic motifs as well as double interpretation tattoos are very popular. Among the best options, you can consider symbols that associate with your zodiac element such as clouds, birds, feathers, etc. Any design that reflects the duality of your character will be ideal. Besides, since you like to change your mind regularly, choose a part of the body that you can cover or that you can’t see so easily (like the neck, for example).

Suggestions: sky, cloud, birds, feathers, dream catcher

A double interpretation tattoo to reflect the duality of Gemini

tattoo wrist pattern birds flight body drawing ink black

#Cancer ♋︎

Representatives of this sign are mostly loyal, gentle, emotional. They value tranquility, family and home. They have a sentimental and intuitive soul. Most often, Cancers choose tattoos that are associated with family – names of loved ones, birth life, family tree, etc. If you cultivate strong loyalty to your country, you can also opt for patriotic designs or military symbols. Cancers also appreciate soft lines, patterns related to romance and emotions. Celestial elements are also very suitable.

Suggestions: names of loved ones, family tree, celestial symbols – moon, sun, stars

Soft and symbolic body drawing

pattern moon sun symbols star sign cancer tattoo

#Leo ♌︎

Representatives of this zodiac sign are usually communicative, passionate and dynamic. They like to attract attention. Leos also value admiration, luxury, and a bit of drama. Obviously, the most popular symbol for this sign is the majestic lion. In addition, bright colors, positive symbols (like the sun for example), are other very appropriate ideas. A large part of Leos also opt for tattoos with their names.

Suggestions: lion, crown, sun, colorful tattoos in bright shades (red, orange, yellow)

Majestic design that ideally responds to the character of the Lion

tattoo man lion drawing body ink black symbol

#Virgin ♍︎

Virgos are known for their intelligence, hardworking spirit, and kindness. They usually have very high standards. As people under this sign love reflections, their tattoo will likely carry a deep meaning. In addition, Virgo is under the influence of the planet of communication (Mercury). Thus, among the most popular motifs, we find especially well-thought-out quotes. These can be from your favorite book or movie. Virgos also value punctuality strongly, so a clock or watch will also be appropriate symbols.

Suggestions: quote, geometric patterns, clock/watch

A tattoo with deep meaning

tattoo on back quote woman sunbonnet body art symbols

#Libra ♎︎

Representatives of the sign are typically followers of balance, harmony and peace. Being under the influence of the planet of aesthetics and romance (Venus), they love beauty and rediscover it everywhere. Generally, if you are Libra, you will appreciate aesthetic designs, symbol tattoos related to beauty, justice and harmony. For this, the swans, the butterfly tattoos or flowers are a very popular choice.

Suggestions: flowers, swan butterflies, aesthetic design

Patterns symbolizing harmony, peace and balance

butterfly tattoo hand drawing body art astro sign tattoo

#Scorpio ♏︎

Scorpios are courageous people who don’t back down from challenges. Their passion also finds its place in the art of tattooing. In principle, representatives of the sign love body art and go for abstract patterns that symbolize passion and courage. Scorpios are ruled by the planet Mars. They therefore appreciate masculine/feminine motifs rather in the traditional black color (and less often coloured). Among the most common options are especially animals such as the phoenix, scorpion and eagle.

A design reflecting the exciting nature of Scorpio

body art woman manicure long nails snake tattoo arm

Suggestions: phoenix, eagle, scorpion, roses

#Sagittarius ♐︎

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, you certainly have an open and adventurous spirit. Travel and new experiences are most likely the focus of your life. Sagittarians are also distinguished by a curious nature and a philosophical soul. Thus, tattoos generally reflect this adventurous and positive spirit. The most tempting designs for this sign are therefore those related to adventures (eg latitude/longitude coordinates, airplane, compass, map, destinations, etc.).

Suggestions: symbols related to travel (planes, map, destinations), arrows

Reasons related to travel and adventure

bouquet dry flowers black nails woman tattoo pattern travel destination

#Capricorn ♑︎

People under the sign of Capricorn are focused, loyal and intelligent. They value traditions. They are ruled by the planet Saturn, hence their determination and motivation. In principle, even if the representatives of this sign work hard, they do not like to flaunt their success. Thus, in terms of tattooing, it is rather the discrete achievements and simplistic that tempt you. And because, Capricorns like to stay put and do their thing, a rooted tree design is a good design idea.

Suggestions: horned goat, tree, discreet flower

#Aquarius ♒︎

Aquarians generally have a progressive and independent character. Given the aquatic nature of their sign, tattoos incorporating colors like blue or silver are a superb alternative. Otherwise, the classic black tattoo also works very well. On the design side, if you are an Aquarius, you will like to take the time to think carefully and choose a unique symbol that corresponds to your perception of the world. Abstract and unconventional patterns are the ones that tempt you the most. Normally, you will be able to choose an out-of-the-ordinary design that shows off your individuality. Cosmos-themed tattoos are a pretty decent choice.

Suggestions: abstract patterns, symbol of the universe, mandala

#Pisces ♓︎

People under the sign of Pisces are intuitive, wise, gentle, and artistic. They appreciate things that are visually appealing. When it comes to body art, if you’re Pisces, you can choose a spiritual or nature-related symbol. Colorful designs are a popular choice especially if they include aquatic shades like turquoise and sea green. Being very romantic by nature, Pisces often get their partner’s names tattooed.

Suggestions: aquatic symbols (waterdrops, fish), spiritual, flowers





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Body art: Which tattoo according to your astrological sign?

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