Montpellier / Perols. International fair: the essential “guardian angels”

The Hérault firefighters are present (©Sdis 34)

Every year at Montpellier International Fairat the exhibition center in Perolsthe stands gathered in the same hall are essential, those of the firefighters, the national police, the Gendarmerie, the foresters-sappers (Forsaps) of the Hérault and the Foreign Legion.

The Sdis 34 offers amazed children to climb aboard a firefighting tanker truck, get behind the wheel and even siren action! Of course, there are many kids who don’t miss this opportunity, to the laughter of their parents. This is what arouses vocations.

In the ambulance (victim rescue vehicle, Vsav), one can discover the superb pompy plush which is invaluable when firefighters rescue injured and shocked babies or children. Pompy reassures them during the transport to the hospital. Exactly, you can come and learn about emergency first aid, those who can save lives.

This Monday morning, Comptroller General Eric Floresdirector of Sdis 34 and officers came to support the firefighters who are on duty in this stand until next Monday.

The stand of the Hérault gendarmes
The stand of the Hérault gendarmes. In the background on the left, that of the Foreign Legion (©JMA / Metropolitan)

The grouping of Hérault Gendarmerie is present and offers information in spades to embrace the military career in this weapon, now attached to the Ministry of the Interior. A brochure catches the eye: “Become a policeman, more than 10,000 positions are available with or without a diploma”. You know what you have to do if you are looking for a job and if you are attracted by the uniform.

Sapper forester patrol vehicles
Sapper forester patrol vehicles on display (©JMA / Metropolitan)

Speaking of uniform, the stand of the zonal directorate for recruitment and training South of the national police based in Nîmes, alongside that of the gendarmes. Ditto, those who wish to join the state police. Everything is done to convince those who are still hesitating: “Prevent, investigate, intervene. Protecting is the most beautiful of professions”. One document proposes taking part in the commissioner or police officer competition, another to join the operational reserve, “a civic engagement” in the field 90 days a year. Another choice is the scientific police examination where one can choose a career as technician, main and chief technician, engineer, principal and chief.

The stand of the national police with a very friendly major
The stand of the national police with a very friendly major (©JMA / Metropolitan)

This branch makes it possible to actively participate in the search for and identification of the perpetrators of crimes and offences, in particular by collecting clues, including the famous DNA traces, at crime scenes and during burglaries. In the jurisdiction of the constituencies here -Montpellier, Lattes, Pérols, Béziers, Cers, Villeneuve-lès-Béziers and Boujan-sur-Libron, Sète-Frontignan and Agde-, the PTS (-technical and scientific police) is not idle . The Regional Judicial Identification Service -SRIJ- which depends on the Territorial Directorate of Judicial Police -DTPJ, ex-SRPJ- of Montpellier covers several departments.

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The foreign Legion offers recruitment with this proposal which does not lack interest in these troubled times, “Join our values”: cohesion, effort, solidarity, mutual aid, self-sacrifice, fight, fraternity and the 2nd chance. At the stand, you will find all the useful information to get involved.

At last, the foresters-sappers of the Hérault that we no longer present, since they are often honored by Metropolitanare there with two of the yellow patrol vehicles, which are regularly seen on the roads during summer wildfires, where they often arrive before the first fire engines. In winter, the foresters-sappers carry out valuable work of brush clearing along the roads and on the defense tracks in the forest massifs.

Do not forget to come and meet in a corner of hall A2 all these professional “guardian angels”, volunteers or volunteers, who protect the population 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Montpellier / Perols. International fair: the essential “guardian angels”

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