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Published on December 29, 2022 at 5:17 p.m.

Love is in the air! In 2023, the stars have some nice surprises in store for you. On the program: epic encounters and romances. Three astrological signs could well find a soul mate in the coming months. Explanations with the forecasts of astrologer Jean-Yves Espié.

It is already time to say goodbye to 2022 and the great adventures that this year has been able to offer us. Volatile romances, furtive crushes, quickly forgotten crushes. We put aside the past, we close a chapter of our lives. We learn to forgive ourselves for the things that didn’t work out, at least we try. The mission now: succeed in immersing yourself in novelty. With a light heart and spirit, by setting course for 2023, we are gradually heading towards a renewal. After revealing to you what will be the signs that could get richer this yearnow is the time for a completely different classification: that of the astrological signs that are likely to find love this year.

We grant you, finding the rare pearl is not always easy. Certainly there is a history of love compatibility who hides behind all this, but not only. Yes, what to do when on a dating application, you fall for the ideal Taurus personality, but that his bio doesn’t suit you at all? How to succeed in chaining bad dates while keeping hope? And if the solution was to stop chasing the nugget? Don’t we say, after all, that it’s when we stop looking that love falls on us? For those who have decided to indulge in this way of life, the stars could well play in their favor. In 2023, the planets take under their wings three astrological signs to make them live the passion.

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Horoscope: in 2023, charm is the best asset of this astrological sign

To start this ranking, we needed a passionate sign. A true lover of love and who else but the Balance to embody these values? The beauty of the zodiac, born under the influence of Venus, the goddess of harmony and romance, could well find the perfect person for her. Accustomed to chaining crushes and flirting better than anyone, Libra embodies the art of seduction. A flutter of eyelashes, a mischievous look, a subtle conversation. She knows how to turn heads around the world. This year, more than ever, its power is increased tenfold. “A charm and an exquisite delicacy promise you a great success on the heart side”, promises the astrologer.

Several periods are to be watched closely for the queen of hearts: “The planet of love will be your obligatory between January 3 and 27, then from April 11 to May 7. The beauty should take you through a dream summer thanks to her presence in a sign that does you good between June 5 and October 9. The beginning of the year therefore promises to be particularly busy. And if Libra misses the mark, don’t panic, “The most beautiful period will be from November 8 to December 4”, promises Jean-Yves Espié. A heavenly belated birthday present or an early Christmas present. You are free to see what you want!

Horoscope: a beautiful meeting awaits this astrological sign

He is particularly lucky. This year the Ram collect trophies. The luckiest sign in money, he is also elected the most fashionable bachelor of the zodiac of the moment. With him, everything goes fast. He crushes, he declares his love. Between the two: a fairly limited period of time. Aries is the sign of beginnings, action, movement. For him, seducing therefore comes down to one more challenge. And the more obstacles, the crispier it is. This year, the sky offers him the opportunity to feast by testing his power of seduction. The astrologer warns: “If it is a question of a meeting, it will be up to you to take the initiative. That’s all it takes to arouse the curiosity of natives of this Fire sign.

Aries, will he really succeed in finding love and slowing down to take the time to dive into a game of seduction and chance? “All the planetary components being on your side, it would not be surprising if you were going through a climate of passion as you like them. “If the story does not really say how long the romance could last, everything suggests that an ardent love could hatch in 2023. That’s good, Aries loves to create surprise. The more he expresses his warm nature, the more his charm will be revealed. “Warmth, optimism and the will to achieve things will pave the way for you. Therein lies the real challenge for Aries in successfully forming a relationship: thinking using “WE” rather than “I”!

Horoscope: In 2023, singles of this sign will be the luckiest

It is THE flagship sign of the year, the one that will benefit most intensely from the good vibes coming from the sky. Sagittarius is the luckiest bachelor of the year. For good reason, he can count on a major ally, his favorite planet: Jupiter. “The planet of luck and good humor will bring you joie de vivre and optimism to attract attention. Propelled to the front of the stage, Sagittarius will not go unnoticed this year. He is radiant, inspiring, particularly seductive. “Your spontaneous warmth has always had the effect of attracting kindness and affection. “A magic combo that will become his best weapon to charm the people on whom the Sagittarius will have set his sights. And, on this ground, Sagittarius has plenty to do. If he is one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac, he is not the very faithful type. Often considered volatile, the cosmic centaur likes to flit about, have fun, test its freedom.

Will we witness a coup de theater? Will Sagittarius find a flower so wonderful they decide to land? The astrologer remains mysterious as to the turn that the romance that awaits the Sagittarius. However, one thing is certain: he could well live a story he did not expect at all. “A crush in connection with a foreign country or during a trip could surprise you. It is therefore in adventure and traveling the world, his favorite activity, that the centaur could experience the most thrilling of encounters. Jean-Yves Espié goes even further: “On the heart side, you will go through an exceptional period between June 5 and October 12, because Venus will be waiting for you in a friendly sign. Take advantage of this phase to give momentum to a relationship that is just waiting to evolve. The Universe tells us in the atrium that we better stop there and let the magic of life do the rest of the work. Good wind and good road!

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Horoscope 2023: these astrological signs will meet love this year – Elle

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