Air, Earth, Water or Fire signs: what is your element in astrology?

Astrology is related to human life. The ancient texts of this discipline say that man is stardust.

This sacred language is centered in the interpretation of movements of the planetsbut did you know that each celestial body has an element that connects it to our planet Earth?

Astrology is a discipline that asserts that every living entity in the Universe is connected to it through energy. The elements themselves are nothing but energy made matter. And it resonates in each of our cells. Astrology allows you to know in what proportion and in what form the energy of the Universe lives in you.

Air, Earth, Water or Fire Signs: How Does the Element Affect Your Personality?

Each of the planets of the astrological tradition is master of one or more Zodiac signs. This mastery gives them qualities that are linked to their personality. As living beings, these elements also inhabit us, and they manifest in our character traits which are determined by our astrological birth chart. Each element offers us a different type of personality based on the attributes inherent in these characteristics. The element of your sign makes you perceive the world through this prism.

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This element brings the spark of life, warmth and passion. Dramatic and expressive in nature, this element has the quality of being like a guiding light. He is the light of the Fire which allows us to see in the dark. A person with a lot of this element in their birth chart will be festive, confident, and spontaneous. Their life force forces them to focus on themselves. Fire-type personalities have a hard time putting themselves in another person’s shoes. Their weakness is related to lack of reflection, impulsiveness and excess of ego.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

It is the nurturing element that allows life to develop. Their energy is concrete. With the earth, we are in pure matter. They are down-to-earth, solid people who have stability and a commitment to life that is admirable. The perseverance and work are their main asset. People who have a lot of this element in their birth chart usually have a lot of patience and an innate sense of business. Their great weakness lies in their difficulty in communicating their emotions. Stubborn in nature, they have a hard time moving on and apologizing when they are wrong.

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The Air element is the one related to intellect and sociability. It is the lightest and most fluttering of the four elements. Their nature though outgoing, can be cold and hard to come by when deepening the bond. This element likes to stay on the surface and often avoids making long-term commitments. They are visionary people, with a great logical mind. They use their mind before any other sense. Their expression is quick, lucid and worried. The Air element is hard to pin down, like the elusive oxygen molecules. Air is an excellent communicator. Trade and exchange are his favorite fields.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Here we are faced with the element of empathy. Water is the source of all life. People belonging to this element are often sensitive and emotional. Water is the element that purifies and cleanses. It also symbolizes intuition and the infinite unconscious. The personality of people with a Water dominance is dreamy and compassionate. Their adaptability makes them sympathetic and accessible, but also easily influenced and unstable. It is thanks to the oneirism and flexibility related to this element that humans can take off from reality and imagine a more beautiful world. Art and humanitarian causes are two of the areas of preference of these imaginative personalities.

All four elements are present in your birth chart

This varies in each astral configuration. Some people have a more balanced disposition of elemental energy than others. It is important to know this distribution, because it can help you better manage the deficiencies or excesses that each of them produces in your personality. Consult a professional of astrology. He will be able to guide you in this process.

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Air, Earth, Water or Fire signs: what is your element in astrology?

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