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Published on December 28, 2022 at 11:40 am


December 31 is approaching and you still don’t know who to celebrate it with? Astrology is there to help you decide. It might sting a bit.

Rather rave party in a barn with Aquarius or aperitif and board games with Gemini ? If you are still hesitating about your festive New Year’s Eve program, we have classified for you the best and the worst astrological signs to spend this evening with. It is recalled that the first degree abuse is dangerous for health, to consume with moderation.

The best zodiac signs to spend the New Year with

It is neither scientific nor elementary, dear Watson: it is astrological. Some zodiac signs are said to be funnier than others. Among those with whom every day is a party (but especially on December 31), there are the kings of the dance floor: the Lion. Born with Saturday night fever, they intend to infect everyone with their communicative good humor, their sense of celebration and above all their talents in dancing and singing. Advantage: they have the ardor and energy of Aries without possessing the talent for destroying objects.

But Libra is also one of the most partying signs of the zodiac, though a little more subtly than Leo. The New Year’s celebrations are the perfect opportunity for these great socialites to gather their vast circle of friends and start a new chapter together, hand in hand, looking in the same direction… They are on the verge of pass the talking stick to you, but their evenings are so successful that we forgive them.

Decadent and furiously enthusiastic, Sagittarians are far from being outdone. They will make even the most recalcitrant want to dance and will heartily cheer up the first person to come home. Let it be said, this Fire sign is there for disco balls, grotesque glasses, confetti and fireworks. And if they’re even more excited than usual on New Year’s Eve, it’s because their optimism always bodes well for the year to come. Their battle cry is: “The hangover is in the head. »

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The Worst Zodiac Signs to Spend the New Year With

Mind you, no one said the next three star signs don’t like to have fun. They are just not fans of the concept of “New Year” as we hear it here, nor of large festive gatherings. Far be it from us to call them killjoys, that would be to misunderstand us. That being said, this New Year’s Eve, we strongly advise you to leave the Taurus where they are. They love calm, well-established habits and their discipline of beauty sleep would make all versions of Sleeping Beauty pale. At 11 p.m., they will leave to remove their make-up and perform their night routine at least 45 minutes. At 12:01 a.m. they will be in bed.

It can’t be invented, another Earth sign is part of this top of the poor partygoers of December 31: it is Virgo. Either it’s about the wise Virgin or the foolish Virgin, otherwise. If your Virgo is in “Dr. Jeykill” mode, they’ll do the dishes as the evening progresses, barely enjoying their guests. But that’s just after welcoming you with a “good guest kit” containing hydroalcoholic gel, a pair of overshoes and coasters. If they change to “Mr Hyde”, you will quickly regret the excesses of Sagittarius and the first person to wish you a happy new year will probably be your insurer.

Finally, there is a sign that abhors the Western New Year of December 31, which he calls “a pitiful masquerade, a senseless pretense of revelry, all celebrating the endless emptiness of existence and the mediocrity of human beings at their pinnacle”. You have no doubt recognized him by his flowery prose and his joie de vivre: he is the Scorpio. With the most anxious (and lucid) of the astrological signs, it’s often all or nothing. And on the evening of December 31, it’s definitely nothing. Those who call their birthday “one more year of cellular degeneration” really don’t see what there is to celebrate in a new year. Rather than dancing, they prefer to spend the evening shopping at camping and survival sites, because “I, this new year, I don’t feel it”. You will have been warned.

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Here are the best (and worst) star signs to spend the New Year with – Elle

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