Astro: in love, which sign will capsize the natives of Virgo? – Here is

It’s not easy to melt the ice… beneath her modest and cold air, who tells you that those born under the sign of Virgo don’t dream of living the fairy tale? Virgo, Capricorn, Sagittarius… in which sign is Prince or Princess Charming hidden? Here are all the keys to decoding the complex heart of the Virgin!

The Virgins (August 22 – September 23), a sign that arouses opinions that are often divided ! Both intriguing and annoying, it’s hard to decide! Methodical and rigorous, the natives of Virgo, guided by Mercury, know how to carry out their projects, but will not go shouting it from the rooftops. She’s more of the big discreet type who doesn’t want to disturb. If this sign may seem suspicious at first sight, once in confidence you will discover dedicated people who are always ready to help you! Let’s find out what makes the heart beat this cute zodiac sign.

How are Virgos in love?

Modesty and subtlety sum up the Virgin in love. Far from being a great enthusiast, the Virgo woman favors courtly love over spicy games. Romanticism and small attentions are the key to making her succumb. It is also a sign that will find it difficult to express its feelings, oscillating between coldness and affection. Don’t blame them, Virgos just need to get to know you!

Very shy, Virgos should not be rushed at the risk of seeing them withdraw instantly. Don’t be intimidated by their wary airs either, once appeased, you will discover loyal and devoted partners. Virgo man or woman will include you in all their plans and dream of a quiet home by your side! Be careful, however, to be straight with the natives of this sign! Treason and infidelity are unacceptable in the eyes of these demanding people. You risk being erased overnight!

Virgo love compatibility

The Virgin will be seduced by thehas rationality and sensitivity of Capricorn. It is a harmonious and stable union that is looming! The sign of Sagittarius also has every chance thanks to its humor and enthusiasm which will spice up the very structured daily life of Virgo. Finally, Taurus and their warm romanticism greatly reassure those born under the sign of Virgo. Virgo men will have a more pronounced weakness for Cancer women, with such a gentle temperament, Scorpios and Taurus.

Are Virgos compatible?

The answer is yes ! These two signs will experience a calm and unrelenting relationship based on a deep understanding of each other. Beware, however, of an overly critical mind and dead calm!

How is the Virgin in bed ?

A question that agitates many minds! Long described as frigid, Virgos can turn out to be passionate and very attentive lovers… provided they are in love ! And yes, romance will always be central, even in hugs!

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Astro: in love, which sign will capsize the natives of Virgo? – Here is

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