The character of Sagittarius ascendant Sagittarius

You are Sagittarius Rising Sagittarius and want to discover your character, as well as your love compatibility? Here is everything you need to know about your horoscope.

the astrological sign of Sagittarius comes to succeed that of Scorpion! People who identify as Sagittarius were born between theNovember 23 and December 20. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the star of good fortune and benevolence, Sagittarius is one of the Zodiac signs the most optimistic. Indeed, as a good living, he likes to discover new horizons, meet new people, and enjoy life.

In society, nothing can stop it: the Sagittarius is a real free electron who does not hesitate to travel the world. Sometimes his impulsiveness even pushes him to make drastic decisions. For example, he may very well decide to travel on a whim, like being very homebody the next day. A duality that makes him a sign impulsive and unpredictable. People who recognize themselves under the sagittarius signand a Sagittarius ascendant will they burn their fingers?

What is the ascendant?

In astrologythe ascendant is a data allowing the calculation of an astral chart or a horoscope. It counts as much as the sun or moon sign. The ascendant represents the astrological sign who rose in the east on the day you were born. This changes every two hours. To calculate it, you must therefore remember your precise time and place of birth. L’ascending will act on two levels. On the one hand, it represents your “deep self”.

He determines certain facets of your personality, of which you are sometimes not even aware. It thus acts on your deeply anchored nature. However, it can also represent how others view you in society. If the sign of Sagittarius rose in the east on the day of your birth, then your ascendant is indeed Sagittarius.

Compatibility between two Sagittarius

Two Sagittarians who meet, it’s obvious. From the first moments, people who identify with this astrological sign don’t get bored with each other. Like bon vivants, they want to live their story at breakneck speed. Passion brings them together, and makes them an unfailing shock duo. No cloud on the horizon: their natural optimism will push them to help each other no matter the obstacles.

In friendship, Sagittarius people form a powerful duo. And for good reason: they share the same ambitions, the same passion for travel, and value their loved ones. As idealists, Sagittarius see the world in a big way. Only downside: the return to reality can sometimes be brutal for them. As a couple, two Sagittarius people can very well put their relationship to the test, in the event of a glitch. Hence the importance for them oflearn not to get too carried away !

Character of Sagittarius ascendant Sagittarius

In astrology, hundreds of combinations are possible. The sun sign can couple with a totally different ascendant, or on the contrary, meet under the same astrological sign. This is sometimes the case for Sagittarius people who have a Sagittarius ascendant. Their inner self is therefore perfectly in tune with their way of being perceived by others.

Their personality is all the more asserted with their ascendant, although it also depends on the age, the education and the moon sign of the individual. First, people Sagittarius Rising Sagittarius will tend not to like to remain static. Indeed, as a born globetrotter, the Sagittarius ascendant Sagittarius is a fan of wide open spaces.

Always on the move, he will also be extremely lucky in his encounters. For the Sagittarius Rising Sagittarius, we can even say that the stars align. Her reference planet Jupiter influences him to share his good fortune with him. This astrological sign is therefore particularly lucky: the events of his life always come at the right time.

Moreover, being very sociable and fun, he will be perceived as an easy-going and pleasant person. Moreover, in friendship, he will get along perfectly with the astrological signs of the Bullfrom Cancer and Capricorn. His open-mindedness also endows him with artistic talents: painting, dancing, or photography will allow him to fully blossom.

Sagittarius rising Sagittarius: in love

In love, the Sagittarius Rising Sagittarius is true to himself. In free spirit, he will show himself as a real gambler. Classic relationships? Too little for him. Sagittarius ascendant Sagittarius generally prefers to multiply simple relationships. The commitment will therefore be for him a point of disagreement with his partner: the weddingfor example, will not be in its first plans for the future.

On the other hand, as a couple, the Sagittarius Rising Sagittarius is a sign you can count on. Naturally generous, close to others and emotional, he knows how to show his feelings to those he loves. With him, you are sure to feel listened to and understood.

Here are the astrological signs most compatible with the Sagittarius Rising Sagittarius :

On the contrary, the signs of Virgo and Scorpio will not be compatible with the Sagittarius Rising Sagittarius.

Sagittarius rising Sagittarius: at work

Always enthusiastic, Sagittarius Rising Sagittarius will be a real teaser work. Guided by passion, he will propose ever more innovative projects. On the other hand, his idealistic character and his excessive independence could play tricks on him! Indeed, if the sign of Sagittarius Rising Sagittarius is rather pleasant to live with, this one does not have his tongue in his pocket.

Working in a team will require more effort to accept the hierarchy system. His profile will therefore be perfectly suited to the professions of tourism, politics, communication, philosophy, law and psychology.

In summary, the Sagittarius Rising Sagittarius is an extremely solar sign. Very sociable and lucky, he will manage to make big plans. Considered one of the most optimistic signs of the Zodiacand compatible with a large number of other astro signs, the Sagittarius rising Sagittarius is one of those we like to meet one day in our life.

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The character of Sagittarius ascendant Sagittarius

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