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She was destined to be a Duchess from birth.

If personalities and destinies can be forged over time, they can also be cemented at the precise moment of our birth thanks to our chart of the sky. The position of the stars and planets when we are born can play an important role in the type of person we will become and the life we ​​will lead.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is certainly no exception. A closer look at her birth chart proves not only that she and Prince William were made for each other, but also that her zodiac profile clearly lays out her destiny as the mother of Britain’s future king.

From her Sun sign to her Ascendant, Kate Middleton’s role as Duchess of Cambridge was written in the stars.

Sun sign: Capricorn

Middleton was born on January 9, 1982, which makes her a Capricorn Sun. It indicates a life that prioritizes responsibility, diligence, and personal duty. On the same subject : Weather alert: A strong heat wave will (already..!) hit France very soon, according to Météo France!. As a Capricorn, Ms. Middleton faces challenges head on and in a balanced way.

At birth in Reading, England, the Sun is in a tense square with Saturn. A negative like this suggests that Middleton’s life has always been one of discipline and tradition – two important facets of the life of a royal family.

Meanwhile, the Sun is in a prosperous trine with its midheaven sign, Taurus. The assignment of our Midheaven determines our professional career. Capricorn and Taurus are both hard-working and constant signs. These two heavenly forces combined paved the way for Ms. Middleton’s work as a philanthropist, leader and advocate.

Moon sign: Cancer

Moon signs govern our inner, darker selves. They talk about how we perceive and deal with our deepest emotions and sensitivities. On the same subject : Tired of your dark circles? This simple tutorial shows how to get rid of dark circles effectively!. Unsurprisingly for a couple who’s been together for years, Kate and William share the same moon sign: Cancer.

The Moon is the ruling body of Cancer, which exacerbates the lunar influence on people with a Cancer Moon. These people are intuitive, emotional and reserved. They cling tightly to tradition and are generally uncomfortable with change.

Additionally, Middleton was born during a lunar eclipse, which further enhances the influence of the Moon. She is deeply emotional, compassionate and intuitive. These characteristics allow her to juggle her roles as duchess and mother with grace and kindness.

As Moon soulmates, Kate and William have a unique emotional connection. While it can make arguments particularly moody, sharing the same moon sign allows them to pick up on subtle cues and energies that the other person might not notice. They inherently understand each other, which is a solid foundation for their relationship.

Rising Sign: Leo

Next, Middleton’s rising sign explains how easily she fell into the spotlight around the world. On the same subject : Super food? Here are the secret side effects of eating strawberries, according to dietitians!. Ever since she and William began dating in the early 2000s, audiences have fallen in love with her magnetic charisma, good looks and style.

As a Leo Ascendant, the Duchess exudes a natural radiance that draws others to her. She navigates life with confidence and warmth. And if she makes an effort, no one realizes it. Middleton (and other Leo Ascendants like her) makes being a superstar look easy.

This too plays a role in Kate and William’s compatibility. Prince William is a rising Sagittarius – another fire sign with comparable charm. While some might find fire-ruled rising signs intimidating, Kate and William were likely drawn to each other’s flames.

What Kate Middleton’s homes say about her

Finally, at our birth, each celestial body is assigned to one of the twelve houses. The twelve houses rule different aspects of our lives, and the layout of Kate Middleton’s houses says a lot about her destiny.

First of all, Scorpio is in his fourth house, that of home and family. Scorpio is hyper aware of the dynamics and flow of power, which allows them to marry into one of the most influential families in the world. At the same time, Scorpio is incredibly private. This would explain why the Duchess is so keen on keeping her private life out of the public eye.

Also, Sagittarius is in Middleton’s 5th house of pleasure. The 5th House rules all things joyful: romance, creativity, energy, and children. Middleton’s vibrant personality comes into its own under the influence of a fiery, go-getter Sagittarius.

Finally, the Duchess had Aquarius in her 11th house of the community when she was born. Aquarius is an eccentric and charming sign who lives their life through a humanitarian lens. As Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton regularly visits people around the world. Aquarius can’t stand stagnation, and luckily she avoided that aversion by marrying royalty.

The stars had plenty of time to realign between Middleton’s birth in 1982 and her marriage to William in 2011. However, the influence of that original birth position remains the same. Indeed, the stars could see Kate Middleton’s royal life path before Prince William was born in June of that year.


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Astrology: What Kate Middleton’s zodiac profile reveals! – Mag Mirror

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