ASTROLOGY: All the predictions for 2023 with an intuitive Burgundian consultant

Stanislas Delorme, tarologist, seer, astrologer from Saône-et-Loire will reveal for Infos-Dijon, the 2023 trends for the twelve signs of the zodiac.

What does 2023 hold for us? Will the planets be favorable to you in the area of ​​love, finances, health and work? To answer these questions, we chose an intuitive consultant from Burgundy, Stanislas Delorme

Born in Bourbon Lancy, Stanislas Delorme lived in Paray le Monial where after studying he worked from 1993 to 2008. “I opened my clairvoyance cabinet at the age of 20” confides the medium . “Very quickly, the regional press became interested in me. I was entrusted with a clairvoyance show live on a local radio station which quickly found itself placed in 2nd position among the best radio shows. Apart from Paray le Monial, I regularly provided consultations in Le Creusot, Chalon-sur-Saône and Dijon»

Opposite of the fortune teller

Stanilas Delorme : “Madame Irma-type clairvoyance is a thing of the past. I am inspired by the ethical line carried by Didier Derlich, famous clairvoyant and astrologer of the 90s on RTL or TF1, having a relevant and modern approach to the role of clairvoyant. I had the chance to meet him when he lived in the Allier. Today I offer consultations around the tarot, my favorite support to better interpret my extrasensory faculties, since I see, I hear, I feel what others do not perceive.

When the profession was not yet recognized

“It was really during adolescence that I realized that I had this ability to perceive things. My only certainty at that time, I knew that I was going to open my own clairvoyance firm at the end of my studies. This was indeed the case, as soon as I graduated. But we are at the beginning of the 90s and the world of clairvoyance was only in its infancy. The penal code prohibited the exercise of clairvoyance. On denunciation, I spent half a day at the gendarmerie, in order to explain myself about my activity. Fortunately, despite this article of the penal code, I practiced legally.

The gratitude

“Later my reputation became national, not to say international. I take part in television programs like “C’est mon Choix” on France 3, “Normal, Paranormal” on M6. Since 2008 I have participated in a live clairvoyance program on television, “ID Voyance”, on the IDF1 channel based in Paris where I now live, and since 2019 I have participated as an intuitive speaker for Sud Radio for the program, C’ is your future”

Today, Stanislas Delorme continues on his way with his consultations in Paris, by videoconference, by telephone and by email, for the most distant people, in particular those based in Burgundy, his region of heart.


What do the planets have in store for us in 2023? This is the question we asked Stanislas Delorme. Without revealing all the trends for the 12 zodiac signs, Stanislas gave us some trends.

Stanislas Delorme : “For people born under the sign of Aries you will have the wind in your sails. Gemini will have to be patient. For Cancerians, you will make a leap forward in love. Virgo, you will take your destiny into your own hands. Libra will be in for a challenging year. You will shine in love if you are Sagittarius. And stocks will be favored for Pisces”

To know the tendencies of the twelve signs, to know if the planets will be favorable in the field of love, finances, health and work, and to know the most auspicious period of the year, Stanislas Delorme will reveal everything to you as soon as the first minutes of this Sunday, January 1, 2023.

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ASTROLOGY: All the predictions for 2023 with an intuitive Burgundian consultant

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