Personal Year 7: Numerology Predictions for 2022

What will happen to you in 2022 if your personal year number is 7? Many things but, alas, not always positive. You will have to consider this year as a transition, a somewhat complicated passage which will then allow you to restart on new bases. A revelation of a spiritual order can be envisaged.

love and dating

Let’s say it right away, it’s a year of solitude that awaits you in 2022. But beware, this withdrawal will be on your own! You will feel the need to detach yourself, to shake up your daily life by refusing the habits, the benchmarks established for too long in your existence. Yes, you are going to engage in a complete questioning.

If you are in a relationship, know that your partner will be understanding. Your relationship will be strong enough to withstand this particular phase that you are about to go through. If you are single, you will congratulate yourself on your situation. There may be encounters but you will live them with a totally assumed selfishness. Question libido, it will not be the top.


Intellectual professions will be valued. A period of creativity in the second half of 2022 will follow the long period of reflection and introspection in the first part of the year. You will be very critical of your co-workers but also of yourself. A little too dreamy, don’t be surprised if you fall behind in your files! You will also want a vacation, a break, a break in the best of cases. In fact, you won’t really know which foot to dance on. Many questions will be swirling around in your head. Which may unsettle you. But rest assured, this initiatory period will bear fruit. You will see it the following year. Be careful, you should know that this phase can lead to a real upheaval. The result will be positive but the repercussions will be slow in coming. Certainly when you complete your cycle in your personal year of 9.

Health and fitness

Can we talk about major health problems in this year 2022? No. Can we speak of a physical condition at its peak? No more. This period invites you to rest, to meditation. You will have moments of fatigue, of wear and tear. Do not complain and accept this lack of vitality. Walk in the great outdoors, cultivate a contemplative state. Give time to time. Perhaps you will have some problems with the coming of lymph nodes. Rest assured, they will be benign. If at least you don’t overlook a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle worthy of the name.


Avoid big purchases. And if you have expensive projects underway, wait to make them happen. Your finances will not be in the sky in 2022. So you will have to be careful using your wallet. Otherwise, you risk falling from the top at the end of the year. If you want to apply for a bank loan, be aware that the period is not favorable.

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Personal Year 7: Numerology Predictions for 2022

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