Astro sex: What is the advantage of each sign in bed?

You have completely flashed on your crush and are only waiting for one thing: to take the next step! What to expect under the duvet? Romanticism and sweet words or an ultra hot and limitless moment? Know that each astrological sign has its own way of living its sexuality. If you are experienced in astrology, know that you can find out more about a person’s sexuality by studying their 8th house…

The sexuality of the astrological signs

  • Aries goes straight to the point : A seducer at heart, Aries won’t wait wisely for someone to pick him up. This fire sign is the one who takes charge in bed. Plus, with his sprinter soul, he’s not one to beat around the bush. With him: it’s straight to the point! Foreplay that lasts for hours is not what makes him dream…
  • Lthe sensuality of Taurus : Unlike Aries, Taurus likes to take their time. Creative, he finds it a shame to limit himself to a single type of pleasure when you know that there are so many erogenous zones on a body. The smell and the softness of the skin, hot words whispered in his ear, a sensual massage… he knows many ways to reach seventh heaven.
  • The playful positions of Gemini : Why always settle for the same position and the same place to make love when you can be creative? Gemini is not necessarily the most sensual sign. For him, sex must above all be fun! Curious and eccentric, he will stop at nothing to have fun under the duvet.

  • The generosity of Cancer is legendary whether she is out or in bed. Creating a real connection under the duvet is essential for him. Pleasing their partner is a priority for the sign of Cancer, which spares no effort to get them to climb the curtain.
  • Leo performance : This sign is a born competitor who hopes to be a partner who leaves you with unforgettable memories. He spares no effort to make you spend an unforgettable moment that will amaze you. His secret weapon? A cleverly placed mirror in the bedroom…
  • Virgo’s sense of detail : This sign is a nice surprise because he often hides his game. Behind his somewhat control freak appearance, he can turn out to be particularly hot under the duvet. When the Virgin lets go, watch your eyes! With her attention to detail, she is not the type to rush a report… on the contrary, for her sex is above all a question of details.

The sexual asset of the signs of the Zodiac

  • Listening to Libra : For this astrological sign, sex is also a matter of communication and exchange. Sensuality isn’t just in bed… Libra has no trouble debriefing a relationship, saying openly what she likes or dislikes, and she’s attentive to her partner’s desires. The advantage? Each report is better than the last!
  • Scorpio is not afraid of prohibitions : taboos? Very little for the sign of Scorpio. The latter likes to discover new things and try out less common practices. But let’s not forget that it is above all a water sign, therefore a sign that is intuitive and felt. If he decides to make love with someone, it’s only on condition that there is real chemistry.
  • Sagittarius verbalizes : If you like dirty words slipped in the corner of your ear, go for it with a Sagittarius! His specialty? You whisper what he’s about to do after the lights go out…or how a fire sign can turn up the heat in just a few words.

  • Capricorn’s split personality : This sign hides its game well… and it is precisely by surprising you that it could make you succumb. Calm and serious, he knows how to let go after dark and when he is confident, he has no trouble splurging. THE good surprise of the Zodiac is him!
  • For Aquarius: the longer, the better. This astrological sign does not have the sprinting energy of Aries, for example. On the contrary, he likes to prolong the pleasure. For him, making love all night is not a problem: we take breaks, we start again, we doze, we start again… and above all we com-mu-nic and we have fun!
  • The imagination of Pisces : As we know, the creativity of Pisces sign has no limit. Very romantic and a bit melo-dramatic, he is not afraid to do tons. He is quite the type to create a whole scenario to spend the most exciting, original and above all unforgettable moment with his or her partner.

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Astro sex: What is the advantage of each sign in bed?

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