Nabilla, Loana and Ayem Nour soon on screen together? A grand project is coming…

The magazine of Parisian revealed a scoop that will make some viewers happy, that’s for sure! In any case, the upcoming projects will please people who are fans of reality shows. The Big Team would have the idea of ​​bringing together several personalities such as Nabilla Benattia, Loana or Ayem Nour in an edition All Stars of a very famous program.

Nabilla Benattia: back in a reality show?

As you know, programs such as loft story or Secret Story have completely revolutionized the world of reality TV. Loana was the first winner of Season 1 of Loft Story. Since then, other programs have emerged such as The angels of reality TV Where The people of Marseilles. But, the list of this kind is long. In any case, the public immediately adhered, because these programs brought together all the essential ingredients to have a good time. Indeed, the candidates live at the same time romances, quarrels and make us laugh a lot.

We still remember the phrase that made Nabilla Benattia famous. She participated with her best friend Amélie and the two acolytes had fun calling each other the “team plastoc”. They will become the favorites of the Angels show. Nabilla Benattia will deliver her famous “ Hello ! No but hello, what ! » about a classmate who doesn’t have a shampoo. It’s total hilarity and these few words will create a buzz on the Web. Of course, his advantageous silhouette will also have served him. According to the sources of Parisian, The Big Team is working on a special edition to bring together all the former star participants of these reality shows.

A crazy casting in progress!

Special editions All Stars are happening more and more. Indeed, this was the case for the programs Beijing Express Where Koh Lanta. Moreover, the last season of the survival game was particularly loaded with twists and turns of all kinds. Eliminations, lies, betrayals and no winner in the end! So why not make a new season for the Angels ? It was Fabrice Sopoglian who had the idea for this project. He has been thinking about choosing the most emblematic candidates since the first season in 2011. As a reminder, he is the godfather of the young participants. It is he who gives them contacts and organizes interviews with professionals. The purpose of Angels is that the candidates manage to get a foothold in the universe of their choice. Often, we find the world of photography, modeling, comedy…

Fabrice Sopoglian has already found the place. Indeed, in principle, he would bring these personalities together in a beautiful villa in Los Angeles, because it is in this incredible city that the adventure began. In addition, he would like to select about twentyAngelswith inputs and outputs“. For this next season, The Big Team would like to recruit Jazz Correia from season 8 in 2016. For the moment, the pretty brunette does not know if she will continue recording her videos for JLC Family on the chain TFX. This will condition whether she can do the Angels All Stars or not. The production teams would also like the two friends Nabilla Benattia and Amélie Neten to agree to participate. It’s been a long time since they participated in such shows. Indeed, today, they have businesses that allow them to live very well in their lives. So, will they agree to put themselves back in the spotlight?

Essential candidates to make this edition

Of course, Loana is also in the line of fire. In 2017, she appeared in season 9 to lose all her excess pounds. In addition, Ayem Nour could also be contacted. As a reminder, the young woman animated The Mad Mag which offered a debrief of this reality show. So, we can say that she has a good command of the subject! On the boys side, the production has sights on Rémi Notta (season 10 in 2017, season 11 in 2019) or even Benjamin Kalifa (season 3 in 2011). In any case, the teams are wasting no time and have already started their recruitment. ” Some faces passed by this reality show have already been approached“, according to our colleagues.

If this special edition is offered to the public, the idea will be to come back to the success of each of these personalities. Strong moments and weak moments too. For some, this reunion will have a bitter taste and it will be an opportunity to put the dots on the “i” for the rivals. Here is all the information that The Parisian could have had from NRJ 12. It is obvious that some candidates like Nabilla Benattia must participate. Case to follow!

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Nabilla, Loana and Ayem Nour soon on screen together? A grand project is coming…

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