The 10 series added to Disney+ from September 7, 2022

The week of September 5, 2022 promises to be very eventful on the streaming platform Disney+. A lot of content will be added during the said week and we can already note that there will be no less than ten new series.

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Disney + starts the ninth month already on the wheel hats and it is the subscribers who are certainly in heaven. Check out all the series on Disney+ this week below.

My teenage years (September 8)

Don’t miss the brand new docu-series “My Teenage” also titled Growing Up on Disney+ on September 8th. This series, as you may have guessed, focuses on the journeys (challenges, successes, failures) of ten teenagers.

And if you thought teenage life was simple, you’ll find that’s not always the case. These 10 fascinating stories will no doubt change your mind.

Tierra Incognita (September 8)

It has now been eight long years since the parents of young Eric Dalaras disappeared in strange circumstances. Determined to find the end of the story, Eric embarks on a very dangerous quest. But to obtain the truth he so desires, he cannot turn back at the slightest fear.

To achieve his goals, Eric decides to leave his country to return to Cabo Qwert, where he was born. He hopes he can find clues at Tierra Incognita horror amusement park that can help him in his endeavor. He is convinced that this location is somehow connected to the disappearance of his parents, as this is where they were last seen.

The Zone: Objective Survival (September 8)

The world is facing a pandemic of unprecedented danger. The chances of survival are quite low. And in the event of exploring all possible possibilities, “The Zone”, a disaster simulation project in a virtual world was born.

Men and women then find themselves confronted with very difficult ordeals to test their chance of survival. Jaeseok, Kwangsoo and Yuri are untrustworthy people who are tasked with surviving four hours in this trap-laden virtual world.

Rookie Cops (September 8)

Wi Seung Hyeon and Go Eun Gang are two students at the Korean National Police Academy. So it’s clear that both aspire to become law enforcement officers. And although they share the same dream, their personalities are polar opposites.

That said, their view of things will change. Personal and social events that will occur during the exercise of their function will be the main cause of this sudden awareness.

Wedding Season (September 8)

Katie was very happy to finally be able to marry the man she loves. As the long-awaited day has arrived, a tragedy will occur. Instead of celebrating this happy event as it should, Katie finds herself on a macabre scene where she is surrounded by the corpses of her husband as well as those of her family.

The police arrive on the scene and discover Katie standing in front of the lifeless bodies of her husband and family. Very quickly, the suspicions of the police are directed towards Stefan, Katie’s lover. That said, Katie is convinced that the culprit can only be her ex-husband. Stefan meanwhile has strong presumptions about Katie’s guilt.

Spidey and his amazing friends (September 8)

Do you really think Peter Parker was the one and only Spider-Man? Turns out you were totally wrong about that. To defend the city against the forces of evil, Peter Parker, Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy don their superhero costumes.

Together they form Team Spidey. And of course, they’re not the only superheroes in town. When one superhero is around, another is never far away to lend a hand.

Mike (September 8)

The month of September promises to be really very intense. Don’t miss the “Mike” mini-series. Looking at the trailer, you will have already guessed that this is a series dedicated to the famous American boxer Mike Tyson. Dubbed as being one of the best boxers that the noble art has seen emerge, his life has been anything but a long calm river.

Hailed as a living legend before being treated like a plague victim, this series retraces the tumultuous journey of this extraordinary athlete. Starting from nothing to conquer the world on the sole strength of these points, Mike Tyson has had his ups and downs. And despite the difficulties, he was able to climb the slope.

Cars: on the road (September 8)

Fans of animated films from the Cars franchise will not be mistaken, the one and only Lightning McQuenn is back on Disney+. That said, this time it’s not a feature film, but rather an animated series. This brand new series focuses on the adventures of Lightning McQueen and Martin, his best friend.

The two friends embark on a crazy road trip to attend the wedding of Martin’s sister. And as you must surely suspect, the trip will not go like clockwork.

Grey’s Anatomy – Station 19 – season 5 (September 7)

For once, Meredith Gray and the Seattle Grace staff are not the center of attention. Spin-off of the flagship series of the American channel ABC, Grey’s Anatomy – Station 19 takes place just like its elder in Seattle. That said, the franchise is moving away from the medical world to become embedded in the world of firefighters.

The series follows the path of the firefighters of fire station 19 who, on a daily basis, dedicate their lives to the protection of citizens. These men and women have to commute between private and professional life on a daily basis. And the task is not as easy as it seems.

Sherlock — season 1 to 4 (September 7)

Sherlock Holmes, the greatest of detectives is entering the Disney+ streaming platform. The iconic fictional character imagined by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has not finished talking about him. Endowed with an incomparable spirit of deduction associated with an extraordinary sense of observation, Sherlock Holmes is the archetype of the ideal detective.

He is assisted in his work by Dr. John Watson, a former British army doctor who, following an injury, was sent back to civilian life. The duo leads very complex investigations on behalf of Scotland Yard. But although Sherlock Holmes can be considered a genius, Jim Moriarty, his greatest enemy, has nothing to envy him intellectually.

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The 10 series added to Disney+ from September 7, 2022

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