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Like last year, but also the year before, well like every year, it’s me who sticks to the writing: summarizing the tourism trends of the coming year to write this post on the trends of the year.

Until a few days ago, I was very optimistic about how quickly I would write this article. I was actually counting on catGPTthe fabulous and promising artificial intelligence engine that has the answer to everything.

Alas, when I asked him what he thought would be the tourism trends for 2023, he typed:

so I dropped the talented ChatGPT. NB: if you want to know more about ChatGPT, don’t miss François Perroy’s post next Friday, he tested the tool from every angle and it’s instructive (it was a teaser for friends)…

In short, without the help of ChatGPT, I had to stuff myself with the usual reports from the major platforms which, each year before Saint-Nicolas, fill the newsrooms with their tourism trends for the following year. I will spare you the exhaustiveness of the predictions of Booking (24,179 people from 32 countries and territories surveyed, including 1,010 in France in August 2022) and from Expedia (which teamed up with and VRBO to survey 24,000 travelers from 17 countries).

I would just like to react to two “trends” (in English it sounds better, I think) which absolutely impressed me and which deserves that you, the tourism professionals, stop there.

A third of your customers will use the metaverse to choose their holidays

You read that right: the metaverse is upon us, virtual reality will turn everything upside down. Booking says so in its report: If we have been observing the rise of the metaverse for several months, it is in 2023 that excursions within virtual universes will become an integral part of travel. Indeed, 35% of French travelers say they will seek inspiration for their next vacation by turning to virtual reality. The latter will be much more than a “try before you buy” option: almost a third (26%) of travelers want to experience virtual or augmented reality for several days

I don’t know where they got their respondents, but a third of travelers planning their vacations in virtual reality (with the oculus, and all) by 2023, that’s huge! and 1/4 of our tourists would go on a virtual stay for several days… Experience it in your team, and tell me if you are on the same figures! Even in this writing, where we have metaverse pros, there is only Denis Genevois to cross Wallonia in oculus!

But as we must believe Booking, which is still a serious company, the destinations will have to move really hard to invest the metaverse. A way to prepare the ground a little for these millions of holidaymakers who will be preparing for their August holidays with a virtual reality headset on their head…

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source: aquitaine online

The Doga, the new El Dorado for tourism

This second extraordinary trend, I nabbed it on the study Expedia, and VRBO. This too is serious. These big names in tourism have noted that in 2022, wellness stays have seen a 30% increase in bookings. And it’s not over, it seems! experiences related to well-being and personal development will experience Himalayan ascents, according to this study. In the super trendy themes, we find sylvotherapy, laughter therapy or fruit harvesting, but also the pup yoga!

1672643365 265 Tourism trends 2023 the year of the puppy yoga Etourismeinfo
Excerpt from Expedia report: 2023 trends

Puppy yoga? it’s yoga with your favorite animal. We often talk about doga : This is yoga with a puppy (yours is better), or the contraction of “dog” and “yoga”. Personally, I did not know, but it was a revelation: if there is a tourist product to be developed in 2023, it is obviously this! I imagine the hordes of vacationers accompanied by their four-legged companion who will spend their stay on a yoga mat… The future of touring is here!

Alright, that makes me two interesting trends to place in professional conversations for 2023: the metaverse and the doga.

Tourism trends 2023 the year of the puppy yoga Etourismeinfo

Which allows me to give you some advice for 2023, depending on your position in the tourist economy.

Are you the director of a Tourist Office?

So 2023 is likely to be a superb year for you, although… The DGS of your local authority will argue for the rise in the price of energy to lower the subsidy from the Office. Especially since the tourist tax has been good in 2022, right? And the era is self-financing. so, just one piece of advice: quickly go and see the tourist office’s sales department and suggest that they set up “yoga-puppy” products: for weekends, weekdays, hotels, camping or woofing! per day for residents. Puppy yoga in the vineyard, on the river or with an introduction to Romanesque art. In short, put puppy yoga in all the sauces, it’s going to be a hit in 2023, and it’s worth saving your income statement!

But you can also apply for an exceptional grant to invest in the metaversesince 35% of our customers will use it to prepare their holidays…

Are you a tourism consultant?

2023 will probably not be easy with the budgetary restrictions for your customers. And then, with the number of former OGD directors setting up as consultants, there is competition! and in addition, you have to renew yourself. So, a piece of advice for 2023, which will save you. During your next tourism development plan for a destination, completely change axis number 1 of the said plan. Until now, you proposed as axis n°1: make destination (client name) the first sustainable tourism territory in (name of the department or region). In 2023, change all that for me. The baseline of the winning schema will be: make destination (client name) the first puppy-yoga territory of (name of the department or region)

It will impress the elected members of the steering committee to know that you are so aware of tourist trends, and in addition it will be a hit!

Are you a tourism student?

So there, personally, I would ask myself questions. It’s not that tourism isn’t working, there are even more and more jobs to be filled. But is there any point in studying it, since it changes all the time?

Which of your teachers prepared a class on metaverse, sylvotherapy or puppy yoga this year? And yet, this is what will explode in 2023. Also, I would advise you to change paths, to train yourself in professions that have a future.

For me, in 2023, it’s clear, there are two who stand out: dog trainer and yoga teacher. If you manage to obtain both diplomas at the same time, you can be a hit by developing a puppy yoga activity: tourists will love it!

Well as usual, I invite you not to take seriously what is written in this article, and I wish you an excellent return to school!

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Tourism trends: 2023, the year of the puppy-yoga? –

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