Pink October and Rose’Tival.

It has now become a ritual for the Rose’tival association dear to its president Laurence Castaing, to participate in Pink October by organizing events in La Romieu for the benefit of breast cancer research,

It all started on Friday the 14th with the performance of the show “La part des anges”, an expression well known to Armagnac lovers. Not far from a hundred spectators applauded the performance of Stéphane Dufau, alone on stage, to play this piece written by Yves Huet and Philippe Campa, subtitled “Epopée d’une famille en Armagnac”.

The next day, the ephemeral gallery, still in La Romieu, hosted the inauguration of the photographic exhibition on the central theme of this Pink October campaign. Congratulations to Cécile Vacher, the photographer, who succeeded in perfectly illustrating the subject and serving the cause, while respecting the modesty of her models. The challenge was not easy and she coped with it remarkably well. You will find their contact details at the bottom of this article.

At the high point of these events, Sunday 23, it was the “athletes” who were asked for the hike around La Romieu with, on arrival, the friendship drink and the draw for the tombola. Note the presence of the Soeurs d’Encre association, which offers women, after breast surgery, a tattoo that will reduce or even hide residual scars.

You will find the link to the website at the bottom of the article.

More “athletes” put to work in the afternoon with a pétanque competition organized by La Boule Romévienne and its President Jean Marc Cognet. 22 doubles answered the call and the four points games took place in an excellent spirit. It was the team made up of the two Renard brothers (Djezon and Tanguy) that won the cup. All stakes and the profit from the bar were donated to the Rose’tival association.

This money will of course go to research to finally defeat the scourge of breast cancer. At the regional level, the news is rather good with the arrival of the digital mammograph at the Center Hospitalier d’Auch. No more excuses therefore for the Gersoises (more than 50%?) who do not respond to the screening call! How many times will it be necessary to remind that a lesion detected early has every chance of healing and this, with less heavy treatment.

And the screening is so effective that there is talk of raising the age of the first summons to 45 years. The density of young women’s breasts is no longer an obstacle for modern devices and the incidence of cancer in this age group is unfortunately not zero.

Finally, the latest news, very fresh this one, which the press echoed this morning, with the hope of seeing the arrival, by 2030, of vaccines against certain cancers. Admittedly, it is still too early to get carried away, but that can only encourage us to support the work of researchers and medical specialists again and again.

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Pink October and Rose’Tival.

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