Pelé, god of football, left just after the World Cup, a last penalty against eternity…

A God. A prodigy. A myth…In his own right, over the course of his two-decade career, he will be the embodiment of football and the beautiful game in all its splendor and technicality, as fans of this sport, the most popular in the world, love to experience it. every game played on a lawn. At 82, King Pelé bows out, taking with him his legendary aura and his 1,283 goals that no fan of this sport can decently ignore. Respect to this iconic figure…

TICKET ; To believe that he did not want to spoil the football party, symbolized by this World Cup with planetary monitoring. His favorite object that brought him fortune and fame. With modesty and humility, the one that the specialists described as the greatest footballer of all time therefore left, almost on tiptoe, surrounded by his family in a hospital room, treated for an incurable disease. A few days after Argentina’s victory, putting a definitive end to this 2022 World Cup. Curtain…

He who still wanted to be reassuring to his admirers around the world split a press release with reassuring intonations on his state of health, to say the least, declining in the middle of the World Cup disputed in Qatar.

It’s true, a legend never dies, it’s well known.


However, the opinions of the doctors at his bedside have hardly given rise to optimism in recent weeks. But, from there to imagine that the triple Brazilian world champion would leave an entire people orphan just after Christmas and before the transfer of power from the new president LULA on 01er January was hardly conceivable in the minds of these millions of Brazilians, faithful among the faithful with the one who brought them home the Jules-Rimet cup three times.

Like Diego MARADONA on the side of Buenos Aires, the country of favelas and carnivals therefore lives in mourning for three days before the funeral of the star, as decreed by the Presidency of the Republic. . An unthinkable situation to experience with our European and French eyes on the other side of the Atlantic. Proof that in South America, football places its idols on a pedestal sometimes serving as a religion.

The oldest among us still remember the almost celestial dribbling and passing of legs performed by this friendly character with a broad smile. From his exploits with goals scored out of nowhere in Mexico in 1970 to his end of career, crowned with a bridge of dollars, in the prestigious New York club Cosmos in 1977.

The youngest of our readers, football fans, will undoubtedly have heard one day pronounce this mythical name of Pelé without knowing what it was about precisely. It was therefore natural to refresh their memory somewhat. It is a page of history that has just been turned. A chapter, what am I saying, a complete book which ends with the departure of Pelé who will join the game sheet of these big names in the discipline today in the clouds like a Johan CRUYFF, Diego MARADONA, Raymond KOPA or Alfredo Di STEFANO. To dispute, perhaps, an extraordinary meeting with the angels?

Thierry BRET


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Pelé, god of football, left just after the World Cup, a last penalty against eternity…

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