“I’m disgusted”, “I should have been there”: Shogun ousted from the Fifty and the Cross, he clashes the prods … and Christopher

Vincent Shogun absent from Fifty and Cross : “I reacted very badly, clearly. I am disgusted”

Vincent Shogun was one of the leading candidates of Ch’tis ! But since then, the reality TV candidate has been in prison for possession of drugs, and had confessed since this ordeal: “They turned their backs on me”. Indeed, Shogun is absent from the cast of two major programs: Les Cinquante on W9 and Cross (alias The Marseillais VS The Rest of the Worlda.k.a The Marseillais VS The Rest of the World VS The Motivated). The influencer who was excluded from the shows clashed the prods!

“I reacted very badly, clearly. I’m disgusted. The Ch’tis without Vincent Shogun, is it the Ch’tis? Of course not” he confessed to TV 2 weeks, “Shogun is the emblem of the Ch’tis. All my subscribers ask me why I’m not in the Cross. But they didn’t give me a chance. I think it’s because I been in prison or that I spoke in Touche pas à mon poste. However, I never said that there were drugs everywhere, I was only talking about me”.

Vincent Shogun clarified: “I would have liked to pay a last tribute to my fans, because I was released from reality TV for telling the truth, without letting me say goodbye to them. I want to help people to to get out of it, but also to do prevention. My revenge will focus on the fact of really bringing help to people, showing that it is possible to evolve even when the doors have been closed in your face. (…) I don’t want them to reproduce the same errors as me and above all, that they don’t think that reality TV is the true reflection of real life, it’s theatricality, nothing what’s more”.

“I’m not jealous of Christopher”, “just… I should have been there, not him”

And Vincent Shogun even tackled his old friend Christopher, who was also in The Sticks and who unlike him is present in The Fifty and will also be in the Crossas head of the Motivated family. “I am in total misunderstanding” did he let go TV 2 weeks, “I’m not jealous of Christopher, I’ve done every program imaginable and I’ve always been called. Just…it was me who should have been there, not him. I make that clear”.

However, he had kept good relations with Christopher a few months ago. But it’s over now: “As by chance, today I have no more news, I find him very selfish. We no longer feel pissed! So Vincent once again, too good, too stupid. Even the Marseillais, Greg and Julien Tanti, they must have wondered why I wasn’t there. They always told me that I was the emblem!

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“I’m one of the elders who made an impression, that’s why I don’t understand. I don’t blame them because I think that one day they will have to take me back. It’s not not to be petty but everyone wonders why I’m not there!” did he declare, “If I am offered next year for a new season, I will say yes right away! Maybe they will want me to come back, but if I come back it will be as a guest and accompanied by my wife”.

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“I’m disgusted”, “I should have been there”: Shogun ousted from the Fifty and the Cross, he clashes the prods … and Christopher

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