Dreaming of a dead person: how to interpret it?

Some dreams appeal to us more than others. Sometimes they make us want to understand their meaning. Dreaming of a deceased loved one can be interpreted in several ways.

QWhether it occurs punctually or regularly, the dream featuring a deceased person can be very disturbing. A grandparent, a friend, an acquaintance, the loved ones who have left us sometimes appear in our dreams, and this can question us. There are several ways to interpret their presence in our dreams. The interpretation of our dreams depends, for a lot, on our beliefsof our openness and of what we need. the Miller’s Guild helps to determine the meaning of what happens during our sleep. Regarding the appearance of a loved one who died during this one, there would be seven explanations :

  • The work of mourning is still in progress : this is the most common reason. This manifestation in our dreams could simply mean that our brain is somehow trying to process our feelings and get over the grief.
  • An unsolved problem : some issues remain unresolved, and those related to the deceased person can appear in our dreams to tell us that we need to pay attention.
  • Difficulty accepting the end of a relationship : if we go through a breakup for example, the pain felt can recall that of mourning and would be transcribed by the presence in a dream of a person whose death has affected us.
  • The need for a guide : if the person in question supported us and gave us his advice, it may be that when we need it our brain thinks of him.
  • The need for balance : the dream could act as a reminder and send us a message about the importance of time spent with those we love and about the ephemeral nature of things.
  • Preparing for difficult times : this type of dream could be a way to arm us for a complicated situation to come.

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  • approval : depending on the trials of life, the appearance of an important person in the dream could act as an endorsement of our choices.


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Dreaming of a dead person: how to interpret it?

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