Jean-Jacques Goldman: private jets, taxes, dinner at the Ritz… these whims shock internet users!

A few years ago, Jean-Jacques Goldman managed to make themselves known. And the least we can say is that he does not have his tongue in his pocket. He does not hesitate to express himself on certain subjects which divide.

An incredible career

This Wednesday, September 28, fans of Jean-Jacques Goldman were able to discover old images of the singer. Indeed, the show “Canap 98” on TMC has decided to return to events that marked the world.

Bill on the PACS, first concerts of Johnny Hallyday, victory of the Blues at the World Cup, success of “Titanic”… “Canap 98” returned to its facts still firmly anchored in people’s minds.

And the least we can say is that the success of Jean-Jacques Goldman has also marked the world of music. The singer accumulates many successful hits to its roster.

In the “Frequenstar” program, Laurent Boyer had also praised the artist. He called him “the third most popular personality in France after Abbé Pierre and Jean-Paul Belmondo”.

In the show, the principal concerned explained that he was aware that his notoriety had exploded. I explained: ” Oh yes ! There are things… When you say to yourself: “One day I would like to sing in front of 6,000 people who will sing at the same time as me”, there are one day it happens.

Jean-Jacques Goldman proud to pay taxes

“’One day, I would like to live from my profession as a singer’, there is a day when you can. There are still clear deadlines. I realize that often we have dreams.confided Jean-Jacques Goldman.

Before adding also: “And once we get to that goal, that you have the chance you were hoping for in your hand, you realize that the most thrilling thing was going there.

During his intervention in “Frequenstar”, Jean-Jacques Goldman also declared that he was proud to pay 60% taxes in France. He had explained without filter: “Yeah, I’m very happy”.

Jean-Jacques Goldman also explained: ” It’s a debt that I owe to that country. And I will pay for it as long as possible”. Invited in “Canap 98” this week, he also reiterated his remarks.

” It’s the end of the world “

He stated: “I thought there are people who have so much money that they could do really interesting things. When you’re in Portofino and you decide to go to dinner at the Ritz one evening by taking a private plane, I think it’s the end of the world”.

“That means you don’t give a fuck. It’s absolute boredom.”, swung the author of When the music is good. One thing is certain, it no longer validates these little whims of certain stars.

For his part, Jean-Jacques Goldman prefers to live his life in the simplest way possible. He continues his career. And this, just like his son Michael Goldman. The latter has also announced very good news.

He has also indicated that he would become the new director of Star Academy. A great project for the principal concerned. His dad also wished to congratulate him.

In an interview with Le Parisien, Michael Goldman also explained that his father was proud of him. On October 15, he will have to prove himself in the new season of the star Academy. To be continued !

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Jean-Jacques Goldman: private jets, taxes, dinner at the Ritz… these whims shock internet users!

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