Despite themselves, the media and leftists campaign for the RN

Posted on November 8, 2022


Emotion (another) in the hemicycle: a National Rally deputy would have exceeded the limits of the limits and would have wallowed emphatically in the darkest hours of our political history with real pieces of racism in it. To add insult to injury, the press joined the fray to add a dose of propaganda.

The little phrase makes the lazy chronicle of mediocre follicles: while Carlos Martens Bilongo, France Insoumise deputy of Congolese origin, raised the issue of migrants from Africa arriving by full boats on our shores, the National Rally deputy Grégoire de Fournas launched a ” Let them go back to Africa”, immediately interpreted by some colleagues of the NUPES group as a racist insult towards the deputy of their rank (by modifying the sentence with a very convenient singular). In ambush for months, they finally held their skid from the RN!

Despite the denials of the RN deputy, despite the taking of notes by the registry of the Assembly which leaves no doubt of the plural, despite the video recording of the debates which does not leave any either, all the LFI deputies stood up as one soy-man to howl racism. It matters little here that race was not mentioned at all, the shrill squeals of the usual under-vitamined clowns quickly filled the hemicycle.

Cries which did not fail to attract the usual saprobionts of the subsidized press, and which took turns in order not to explain the ins and outs of this appalling non-case in order to lather up the most ridiculous aspects of it. and who immediately recounted it at best by innuendo heavy with implications as in The echoes (“ excluded from the National Assembly for 15 days after remarks deemed racist”), or at worst by openly telling nonsense and sinking into the dirtiest infox like at the scribblers of the newspaper The world (“ suspended from the National Assembly for a xenophobic remark”).

signal the presence increasingly rare of a few journalists who try to do their job and recall that in reality, the Assembly did not note any racist or xenophobic remarks and did not sanction the deputy RN for these but for “demonstration disturbing the order” of the Institution, which makes it possible to appreciate at its fair zero value the painful productions of the media coprophiles previously mentioned.

Despite themselves the media and leftists campaign for the RN

The picture, already distressing, would not have been complete without the additional intervention of the insignificant parliamentary appendages of the majority.

Leaping like hyenas on an easy meal, the Macronist deputies of “Renuisance! » were quick to recover quickly the artificial wrath of the leftists in full apoplexy in an oozing maneuver of shabby politicking: durably raising the noodle of useful idiots of the extreme left and agreeing with them guarantees that a next and inevitable motion of censure will not be able to be voted jointly by NUPES and RN, ensuring free rein to the Borne government for which the Republican mops are no longer a threat.

1668013222 492 Despite themselves the media and leftists campaign for the RNIncidentally, it should be noted that the same macronist invertebrates, stuck in their cardboard anti-fascism, have no problem letting France vote, this November 4, against a resolution intended to combat the glorification of Nazism at the United Nations. Understand who can.

In short, all the elements have been gathered to lead without the slightest surprise to a conviction and to impose a sanction quickly recorded: here is the deputy Fournas suspended for 15 days.

However, if it may have some meager positive effects for Macronesque shenanigans, all this agitation does not lead to any less frankly negative consequences for the entire political class: not only are many French people aware of the gap between the reality and the theatrical agitations of La France insoumise and understand that this affair is fabricated from scratch, but above all, everyone realizes the enormous gap between their daily concerns and the perfectly ridiculous spectacle offered once again and on this occasion by The national assembly.

This is reflected very concretely in the political barometers which indicate quite clearly that the current executive and the extreme left frankly fail to trigger enthusiasm: alongside a Macron systematically around a large third – which denotes at best a rather uncredible constancy of the public opinion or at worst a statistical manipulation that achieves this result no matter what – we cannot help but note the rise of the right and the extreme right, that these latest parliamentary antics do not risk not to diminish.

On the contrary: in this pathetic political landscape and according to what these opinion polls say, the National Rally is the only party appearing as an opposition force more or less in tune with majority public opinion.

The grotesque uproar provoked by the NUPES (on these and other subjects), followed by an equally ridiculous “rally of support” for MP Martens Bilongo in front of the Assembly the next day, the outraged victimization on TV sets, the excessive punishment and contradictory of the deputy Fournas, all this directly increases the popularity of the latter and his party, the support of the macronist deputies to the NUPES completing to polarize the opinion a little more against them.

There is no surprise here: while the country is in the process of economic collapse, while the energy crisis is beginning to grow and is already resulting in business bankruptciesthe elected officials make a point of uninteresting remarks then relayed greedily by the worst in terms of journalistic production.

These media and these politicians are fanning the fires of a populism that will carry them away.

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Despite themselves, the media and leftists campaign for the RN

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