Choosing religion over health

A few days ago, a woman from Saguenay went to a pharmacy in Chicoutimi to buy emergency oral contraception, commonly known as the “morning after pill”.

The pharmacist refused to sell him this pill for religious reasons.

The lady therefore went to another pharmacy where a health specialist who puts the needs of his clients before his personal beliefs sold her the pill in question.


The Canadian and Quebec charters of rights and freedoms allow pharmacists and physicians to refuse to perform certain acts if these go against their moral or religious convictions.

If you think your imaginary friend is going to have a bacon attack if you sell such and such a pill, you have the right not to sell it so as not to upset him or incur his wrath.

It is provided for by law.

Between protecting the health of a woman who needs help and protecting the beliefs and superstitions of a health professional, the law prefers to protect the beliefs and superstitions of the professional.

Why ?

Because it is his “right”.

What about women’s rights?

Okay, she will just have to go to another pharmacy or look for another doctor…

The important thing is not to offend the susceptibility of the invisible entities that live in the sky.

The Elohims, the spirits, the angels…

Between science and religion, our justice system chooses… religion.

And after that, we are told that we must fight against “fake news”.

Well yes, Thing.


Why not extend this exception to teachers, as much as possible?

You don’t want to teach the theory of evolution, because in your heart of hearts, you believe that the universe was created in seven days (sorry: six, because on Sunday, it took a well-deserved nap) by a bearded old man who throws lightning bolts when he’s bored?

OK, no problem, don’t teach it!

Ditto for biology, physics and sexuality education…

No, but as long as we favor religion, let’s go all out!

If we accept this kind of exception for pharmacists and doctors, why would we not accept it for teachers?

If it’s good for kitty, it’s good for kitty!

Afterwards, it would be the journalists and the heads of antenna…

” What ? Tell people to get vaccinated on the 10 p.m. bulletin? talk about 20e gay wedding anniversary? Impossible, it goes against my beliefs…”


In an elementary class, a little girl was once allowed to wear noise-canceling headphones in a music class, because her parents forbade her to hear music for religious reasons…

However, it would be so simple…

“That’s the law in Quebec: the morning after pill is legal. Whether you are a believer or not, whether you pray to Allah, Jesus or Patof, you have to sell it. Period. »

But no.

We kneel before each other’s religion…

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Choosing religion over health

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