Horoscope: here is the “sixth sense” of each astrological sign

Each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac would have its own sixth sense. According to the principles of astrology, this psychic power could help us make the right choices, provided we know it and know how to listen to it. Here is yours according to your date of birth, and according to the analyzes of the famous astrologer and clairvoyant Claude Alexis.

Aries (MARCH 21 – APRIL 20)

He is active, go-getter, always in action and in the present moment. the Ram is a non-conformist who does not like to project himself into the future and who prefers to choose to realize his dreams day by day with the impulsiveness that characterizes him.

Dynamic, joyful, he enjoys enjoying life and its pleasures with passion, but it is true that he often acts without thinking. He is not a strategist, and he will act more like a warrior who rushes into the pile with determination and an exemplary will.

According to Claude Alexis, who set up a web TV dedicated to clairvoyance, Aries is lively, spontaneous and has a highly developed sixth sense because it is imbued with mental energy. He is the king of premonitory dreams. His intuitions bring him a lot of truth about things and people.


the Bull has a sense of family and transmission, and is keen to flourish among his family. Bon vivant, jovial and enthusiastic, he is appreciated and always well surrounded. His personality attracts sympathy and work is for him a source of personal enrichment because he loves comfort and material goods.

However, he seeks emotional security. Hence a concern, on the intuition side, because he is not always lucky and encounters many obstacles before achieving his goals. His intuitions are not obvious because he is too grounded.

As he is very intuitive about the bad vibes emanating from the people who gravitate around him, if someone tries to harm him, an alarm goes off and makes him react. And he rushes, like a bull. His sixth sense develops when he takes the wrong path. Do it and trust yourself, don’t be afraid to turn everything upside down.


Intelligent and curious, the sign of Gemini has the art of adapting to any situation. Enterprising, enthusiastic, he constantly develops new projects but unfortunately abandons them as quickly as he imagines them. He rarely goes after his aspirations. And yet, he has a good sixth sense, which should therefore be listened to more.

Stop reasoning and let yourself get caught up in this perpetual need to be loved, protected and surrounded to chase away your anxiety and identify what is expected of you in return. People born under the sign of Gemini are not really among the luckiest of the Zodiac.

However, they remain strong, curious and eager for new sensations. Trust your intuition and the hunches that fuel your dreams. Listen to yourself and commit to moments of solitude to focus on your sixth sense, it is excellent.


Energy to spare, a great personality, a strong temperament, the Cancer are seducers, dreamers and idealists, often dissatisfied and full of contradictions because they prefer to conceal reality so as not to have to face it.

But he is one of the luckiest signs. That doesn’t mean life isn’t playing tricks on her. However, his innate instinct allows him to take the right direction in order to follow the desired path. Thanks to their sixth sense, Cancer understands people’s deepest feelings, even before they are aware of them.

It is a sign that feels things, communicates with the spirit of beings surrounding it, present or in relation to the past, like its ancestors. Continue to communicate with the universe, especially on new moon nights, your friend planet.


Colorful, charismatic, determined, steeped in critical thinking and endowed with a determination that always leads to the paths of success, the Lion doesn’t really need luck to succeed in life.

With its imposing character, intuition is not one of the priorities of its sign. Because he likes to shine and only shows his claws in case of danger, which rarely happens. So used to being master of his destiny that he sculpts as he wants, the Leo forgets the lucky charms.

His intelligence, his psychic power and his ability to act make him skip the messages sent to him. Hence the importance of putting aside one’s egocentrism and lingering to listen to the signals of the heart and dreams in order to gain in humanity.


Wise and discreet in appearance, Virgos are often torn between their sense of duty and family, which can go as far as devotion, while the desire to experience extraordinary adventures and thrills pursues them all their life.

It is true that reason often takes precedence over his feelings and luck is almost never on his side. Her sixth sense lives in withdrawal because if an intuition appears, she will not follow it.

However, the Virgin has a great ability to weigh the pros and cons and find solutions to various problems. His sixth sense is innate. By dint of analyzing all the situations, she understands what the other wants without him having to express it.

Make sure to develop your intuition by leaving aside your analytical mind. Accept your sensations in order to improve your relationships. Calm your mind and make room for the exuberance that secretly attracts you so much.


Eternal optimist, the sign of Balance always gets what he wants in life. In tune with beauty and the imaginary world, these natives make sure to disconnect a little from what is happening in reality.

This sign is one of the luckiest Zodiac signs, especially in love. His intuitions are little used because instead of listening to his inner voices, he prefers to live in the present. What’s the point of planning. He enjoys life and its pleasures and it doesn’t matter if the universe beckons to him.

As you are constantly looking for harmony and your priority is to flee conflict, do not neglect your sixth sense, which will allow you to foresee things before they shake up your life and destabilize you. Look for moments of your own. Privilege solitude to concentrate well, it is in the immobility of the spirit that everything will be triggered.


With the Scorpio, everything is black or white, without nuances and little tolerance. He is a whole character with many qualities, not always able to exploit them, and he is capable of the worst as well as the best. But whatever the situation, he always rises from his ashes with extraordinary energy.

One thing is certain, his sixth sense is the most developed of the Zodiac. He has the ability to know what other people are feeling and the foresight of what is about to happen. Scorpios often tend to see the bad side of things, but they are lucky and mystical people.

Privilege moments of intimacy and do not try to silence your sixth sense. Your taste for the occult sciences and the afterlife will develop your sixth sense, which you can always trust. Especially since your intelligence and your charisma reinforce the depth of your faculties to use your charm to get what you want.


Sagittarius is a whimsical being, a desperate adventurer in search of exoticism and distant horizons, and the world is not big enough to satisfy your curiosity and your need for expansion. Jovial, warm, this sign is reputed to be lucky thanks to its sixth sense, and to Jupiter, the friendly planet.

This triggers a survival method for him to get him out of all the problems he comes up against. With this insolent luck, he always emerges unscathed from all situations. the Sagittarius feels things, especially what is hidden from him, or what others think.

His intuitions come in the most critical moments when he senses danger or bad intentions concern him. Continue to cultivate your positive vibes that characterize you and make you happy because they help protect you and activate your sixth sense.


the Capricorn is difficult to understand. He likes a sense of values, of a job well done, of organizing to achieve his goals, and he can’t stand things or people resisting him.

These natives are leaders who are lucky in their professional careers because they are true warriors. This earth sign, so realistic, lives a lot of his intuitions but on the condition of trusting them. Especially since his deep wisdom makes him move forward in life in an intelligent and thoughtful way.

As he can’t bear to let himself be influenced, his sixth sense, always quick to repel bad deals or venal, even nebulous people, pushes him to neglect his intuition. Be more humble and agree to listen to your inner voice. It comes from your old soul encouraging you to trust others and yourself.


Luck rarely smiles on the Aquarius. And yet, he is a fighter who always manages to keep his feet on the ground and is doing very well thanks to his sixth sense. His intuitions are often right about people and things in life.

But the idealist and humanist that he is and who strives to work for the greatest number does not worry too much about the repercussions of his actions. His very fine understanding of the universe must push him out of his bubble and listen to his feelings, it is the key to his future.

With his fierce desire for independence, it is difficult to put him in a straitjacket because he discreetly but firmly proclaims a visceral need for a space just for him. Of course, you have to respect your privacy or risk seeing yourself fly away, but for your personal development, trust the wise messages that are sent to you.


A very psychic sixth sense. The sign of Pisces represents an elusive being, always between two waters, with a difficulty in anchoring himself in reality, especially when it is not commensurate with his aspirations.

Spiritual, mystical, always between heaven and earth, in search of the absolute, of fusion with the universe, he is endowed with an unparalleled intuition. And it is thanks to his antennae that he manages to get out of scabrous situations.

Constantly, he will have to go against his nature to adapt to the world around him and achieve his full potential. An idealist to the extreme, he suffered many disappointments throughout his life because he often confused his premonitions with his fantasies.

Make sure to choose areas in which your qualities will excel. Your extra soul will be all the rage there, it’s guaranteed glory.

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Horoscope: here is the “sixth sense” of each astrological sign

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