The beautiful transformation of this kitten on the verge of starvation into a little being full of life (video)

Associations that campaign for animal welfare are faced with many abandoned kittens during this breeding period. Maurizio, however, marked the spirits of the volunteers with his resilience. If his foster family doubted that he could recover, they are now reassured and under the spell of this courageous kitten.

The association Newborn Kitten Rescue was entrusted in July 2022 with a 10-week-old kitten in really bad shape. The poor little one, named Maurizio, was just skin and bone. He was an orphan and needed emergency care.

“He had an eye infection and was severely underweight for his age”has explained Angelica Johnsonhost family of the organization, at The Dodo.

The Good Samaritan therefore took him to the veterinarian so that he received adequate treatment for his eyes.

Moreover, she took him to her home so that she could pamper him night and day and thus give him a chance to survive.

“I felt an instant connection with Maurizio when I first saw him”told Angelica.

Constant attention

The tiny baby was not ready to give up. He always welcomed with fervor the bottles prepared every 4 hours by Angelica.

“It took 2 tries before finding the infant formula that suited him. He also received subcutaneous fluids daily aimed at keeping him hydrated.”explained the benefactress.

Thanks to this cocktail of nutrients and the love ofAngelicathe state of health of Maurizio noticeably improved in just one month.

Moreover, he met a feline friend named Milana which allows him to socialize by playing and cuddling a congener.

“Now he is doing very well! Both from a physical and psychological point of view. He has the typical behavior of a kitten well in his paws »said Angelica to the angels.

For the time being, the 3-month-old tomcat is still in the care of his foster family.

When he is ready, sterilized, identified and vaccinated, he will seek his forever home.

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The beautiful transformation of this kitten on the verge of starvation into a little being full of life (video)

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